New Guy from Northern AZ... pics included.

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    My name is Zach, I just got this bike yesterday. I picked it up from a guy for $80.00, guess he needed to get out of town. For the short time Ive had it, I love it. I honestly dont know a single thing about it, he told me it's a 66cc motor. I dont know the brand, but it seems to have a few small problems. I'd like to make it as reliable as possible, so if you guys can shoot me in the right direction for the best parts I'd appericiate it.

    1. The throttle body seems to have some wear on it and the throttle cable slips the grove if I twist to hard. Is there a better one I can get that doent have such soft plastic?

    2. Needs a new fuel line, looks pretty hacked up. I know where to get that.

    3. Shes leaking a bit of oil. Not much, overnight in my garage it looks to be one or two drops??? I dont see a sight glass or a dip stick is there a place to check and add oil on it?

    4. I love it and my wife cant get me off of it. I rode it to work today and to get some feta cheese last night... Everywhere I go people tell me "thats so awsome"


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    Hi Zak, welcome to Motoredbikes!
    I don't have one of those but from reading here (a lot), I suggest you just putt around rather than race around. The engine will last much longer. And DO a helmet thing, a couple of guys here would likely not be here on this earth if they weren't wearing one recently. Dog out of no-where was one event I remember, another guy hit a curb with his helmeted head.

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    welcome from FH :)
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    hi zach welcome aboard, if i were you go ahead a start a thread in 2 strokes, as not too many members spend time in the welcome aboard section,

    seems like normal problems that you will be able to fix without too much trouble, watchout these things are addivitive......