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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Rolling Joker, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Rolling Joker

    Rolling Joker New Member

    Just saying Hi, brand new to motorized bikes, they are a blast. This forum has helped me with some of the problems I've been having so I figured I should sign up

  2. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. This forum has often been the best tool I have for building my motorbike.
  3. snoopdog

    snoopdog New Member

    I new here also, great you joined so we can help each other with tips n on my 3rd motorised bicycle.
  4. Rolling Joker

    Rolling Joker New Member

    downloadfile-2.jpg Here is my Nirve Switchblade
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  5. 66ccCruiser

    66ccCruiser New Member

    Those switchblades are nice bro,,,,nice chopper and nice job...I'm eyeballin one for my next's what I'm rollin on now DSCN1946.jpg
  6. Rolling Joker

    Rolling Joker New Member

    Nice bike, how do you like the boost bottle? I just ordered one.
  7. 66ccCruiser

    66ccCruiser New Member

    It has helped with the combination that I have with the short billet intake and 36 tooth sprocket. It is not a miracle device and will not transform your bike into a rocket ship but a subtle way .. help low end torque on take-off, smoother running and on and off the throttle experiences. In my case I notice it when taking off because of the hi-end gearing especially...subtle but my case every little thing has helped the operating experience and drivability. My ride is driven relatively hard and over 30mph constantly and is surprisingly very reliable and low maintenance, primarially because of the time spent and to dial the bike in with it's bits and pieces to work in unison, which happens with everything I the looks of the details of things on your ride you can relate. Actually this is the second engine in the three-four year time frame this thing has been used. This particular bike has been the personal ride, stays in side, stuff like that and is right at the door at all times for transpo to local peeps I know, or to some longer distance riding and has seen alot of miles, tires and have been replaced the chain-sprocket during the second engine install.. Also I had air leaks around the bottle because the "boost bottle" has a nylon barbed fitting and resulted in a leak within 50 miles/couple rides...I replaced it with brass barbed fitting and torqued it gently onto the bottle as to not expand the end of the aluminum bottle. Put the hose on the end and submerge the bottle in some water and blow through the tube to clarify an air tight fitting to bottle relationship..if the bike won't idle after install, chances are you got an air leak somewhere in the install.. I use a Maglight bracket for my bottle bracket to the frame..Another thing to mention it has been advised I believe the instructions suggest the bottle not be tilted upward/hose up but level as possible or downward.. I'm tellin ya a chopper is the next unit on the list, yours is inspiring... DSCN1941.jpg
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