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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Marktur, May 7, 2008.

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    OK! So if you saw my other thread, the bike I wanted to use for the motor was a Schwinn Clear Creek, and the motor did not fit with the carb and air cleaner installed. I realized after walking through Walmart, Target, and KMart that "Comfort" style bikes (hybrid between Mountain and Cruisers) have a tighter frame, and will not allow an install without quite a bit of modifications to the intake manifold of the motor...

    So, I ended up buying the Kulana at Walmart for $99...and I got a blue one which is kind of nice being that everyone else's that was posted here is orange.

    I am beginning the install now, and I'll post pictures as I go.

    For starters, I put masking tape on the seat bar and the bottom of the frame so I don't scratch it up during the install.

    Pictures to follow! Man, I'm excited about this! :)


  2. fastboy9

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    That is crazy cheap!!! I had the cheapest possible new bike I could find with a disc brake and it cost me the equivalent of $220, thats the UK for you. Sounds like a nice bike, look forward to seeing some pics!
  3. Marktur

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    Hi Fastboy - it's not disc brakes...calipers. Still cool, though. I have a 2-into-1 Brake lever on the way, too. The bike is actually pretty cool...I checked like 5 of them, and got the only one that everything seemed to be right...shifting, chain not making noise, and geez...lots of wobbly tires...but not the one I took home! :) It rides really nice and smooth, but I think I may try out a bench seat.

    QUESTION FOR ALL: What is the method to get the chain on the small sprocket on the motor?
    I have the chain on the large sprocket to start, then I try as I may to start it on the small sprocket and turn the crank with the tool, but it keeps getting stuck. I'm sure if I open the chain I can thread it in, but I don't have the tool...

  4. Marktur

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    OK, I simply opened up the chain, then fed it right in to the rear butta.

    I need to remove a few links now, and my buddy is coming over in the morning to help me do that.

    I mounted the fuel tank using rubber from a tire tube between all metal to minize vibration and foaming. Mounted the clutch lever and also mounted the throttle control. I was not able to move the shifter, the allen head stripped out like it was made of wax as soon as I tried to turn it. So the throttle control has about 3 inches on the end that doesn't make contact with the handlebar, but I think it would be OK..or I have to cut the plastic and slot the allen so I can turn it with a flathead screwdriver...

    I'll post pix in the AM

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    Let me know how it works out for you. I got the $20 Schwinn seat from WalMarts pretty much because it had indentions for my butt. I like it for the price, but even a skinny guy like me could use an extra 1 1/2" on each side like the "]Park Bench seat has... and it does have a lil' bit of indentions apparently (i never noticed that before).

    You could have moved the back wheel upward.... or if the chain was the right size, you could have put it on the small sprocket first, then started to wrap it around the large sprocket and start pushing the bike forward.
  6. Marktur

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    Hi guys - thank you all for your help! You're the best-est!

    I ended up unlinking the master link, and simply "threaded" it through the small sprocket - it was too tight to just push it over the gears. My buddy helped me remove some links, and we have it on properly now. It is tighter than the bike chain but I can move it about 1/4-1/2" up and down on the top half and the bottom half so I think I'm good here. (How would I know if it's TOO tight?)

    I didn't think I needed the tensioner at all at this point, so I'll leave it off and have a little bit less drag.

    I did have to slightly bend/hammer the fender so the chain will pass by without touching, too.

    I took a bunch of pix, but didn't unload the cam this morning...but I will tonight.

    Tonight, I will hopefully finish up: cables, magneto, carb and then I guess I can run it. This new bike looks SO GOOD, too!
  7. Marktur

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    Two last questions before I start her up:

    Throttle: How far should the handgrip turn? While I have to adjust to take out the slack, when I turn it until I feel resistance with one finger..then I can grip it and turn it about 1/4" (watching the notch on the throttle handle) before I hit a second stop (WOT?). It feels more like "on/off" than a smooth throttle. Is this the correct amount that it turns? How do I get more throw for the throttle? How tight should the "bell" that caps the sping be tightened down? All the way until it stops?

    Clutch: When I set the clutch to have 1/16" play, it would not disengage when I pull it (stock lever) - and I also can't use the clip because it can't close enough to engage when mounted on the handlebars. So I have a bit of tension on the clutch so that when I squeeze it I can actually walk the bike (although I still feel resistance, but it's not turning over the motor). I'm hoping this resistance goes away once the clutch breaks in. I would pedal the bike more than I need to start it up if this is how it will be...

    Thanks! This is my last issue until I try to ride it...

  8. Marktur

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    OK, here's the pix I promised...please let me know if anything bad jumps out at you, or suggestions to make my initial experience a happy one! :)

    What an enjoyable project!!!!

    PS. Info about the RC Airplane in the picture: It's a Top Flight Cessna 310 twin engine monster. Weighs around 22-23lbs. Powered by 2 OS 70 FS II four stroke motors. Equipped with Robart scale landing gear, Twin Sync computer system for the motors, Spektrum 7 radio...all the best stuff inside to the tune of about $2500 - my biggest and most $$$ project to date...should fly first flights within 2 weeks...

    Next message starts the build pictures...

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    The pics havent come up :(
    Not sure why, I can never get it to work either.
  10. Marktur

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    Build Pix

    Here we go! Let me know what you think...

    Pic 1: Here's the bike as I brought it home. I'm really glad that I spent the extra $100 for this bike, as I really like the other bike for normal riding much better. This Moon Dog just looks Retro and cool!

    Pic 2: Engine is mounted, and I just inverted the bike to do the sprocket. You can see where I used the masking tape to protect the finish. Also notice that I cut up an innertube to use as a rubber mount to hopefully eat up the vibration, and it will definitely preserve the paint below, too.

    Pic 3: Motor, Tank, and Sprocket mounted.

    Pic 4: Here's my other pride and joy...working on this bad-boy since Thanksgiving, but it's almost ready now...

    Pic 5: Pipe and Chain Guard are mounted. Used blue Loctite on all nuts/bolts/screws BTW. Nobody wants to shake off parts while riding, right??? :)

    Pic 6: Magneto Mounted

    Pic 7: Chain installed, gaurd installed

    Pic 8: Here's the Schwinn 3-way light...uses regular bulb, or LEDs, I'm just going to use rechargeable batteries for it. It's quite bright for night, and during the day I'll use the LED strobe to make sure the idiots on the road see me.

    Pic 8.5 & 8.6: I wanted someone experienced to tell me if this is OK...there's tension on the clutch in the released state because when I pulled in the handle prior, it would not completely disengage the clutch. Now when I pull it all the way, I fell resistance, but it is not turning over the motor. I'm hoping this goes away once I run it a few times. Is this OK?

    Pic. 9, 10, 11: My new motorbike!!!! Thanks everyone, especially this forum!

    So let me know what you think. :)

    Today is going to be a great day, I hope!


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  11. Marktur

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    Last question: Kill switch. I have the little yellow button built into the throttle's got a thin red wire with no connector or anything on the end, and a thicker blue wire with a round connector (like for fitting under a bolt). Can someone tell me EXACTLY how to hook it up? I've read numerous threads, instructions from many sites, but I'm thick, I guess...some say put the switch between the blue wire, some say just connect the white wire...some say don't use it at all...but I'd like to, so please help - a picture is always worth 1000 words...

  12. Marktur

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    It's Alive!!!!!

    Yea! I rode it finally! We got the issues with the throttle worked out. It threw the chain as well as jumped off the small sprocket and got jammed all on the first runs down the street, but we worked out the kinks and it runs FANTASTIC!

    I was looking and reading and not finding my answers to setting the idle, because the articles I saw talked about an idle carb sets with the socket (thumbscrew) at the top. I just didn't get it at first DOH!

    Anyway, it started raining so I haven't even taken it around the block yet, but I will shortly - summer has arrived in FL, and it rains every day at 4:00...for an hour or so...then the sun comes back out. So I will try and break it in just riding around my subdivision this early evening.

    What is a normal working temp as taken from the head next to the spark plug? The motor smelled hot after just a few runs...we opened the mixture another 1/8 from 4 1/2 so it's a bit richer now.

    I also thought it was a little rough and bumpy at half throttle...probably rich there, but that's ok, it's where I'll be during the first tank or so.

    OK, I'm going riding!!! :)

    Thanks everyone for helping...and putting up with me.
  13. SirJakesus

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    Be sure to secure that muffler to the frame somehow, leaving them hanging there causes the exhaust to loosen itself and blow out gaskets or leave the whole muffler hanging to the engine by a few turns of the nut.
    On my kit I was told to hook the kill switch to the white wire, and you'd hook the other one to some ground on the bike or engine. I've heard reports of people burning out magnetos from grounding the white wire though, If you hooked the wire to the spark plug boot out of the CDI it should work too like old style lawnmower kill switches.
  14. The red wire goes to your white wire coming out of engine. The blue wire goes to ground. I have mine hooked up just in case throttle sticks or some other misfortune. I usually just "stall" the bike in gear to stop engine..
  15. Marktur

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    Mister - nice tensioner! I am going to look for one right away...

    As for the Kill Switch - I bought a switch at Radio Shack yesterday, that I will use between the blue wires, this seems to be the only way not to "short" the magneto in a harmful way from what I've read about it here on the forum.

    I can't wait to ride my bike again...I'm skipping flying this morning, just so I can cruise it around.

    How far is "too far" on the new motor? I was thinking about a 10 mile trip to go visit a buddy on pretty straight roads...should I just keep tooling around the neighborhood until I run the first tank out, or you think it's safe to ride further? I think I have about 20 minutes riding time now, mostly at half throttle, but changing speeds with small burst of full throttle for short periods...

    Does anyone measure motor temps?

    Thanks all!
  16. Thats the way Im doing it. I ride around the neighborhood, usually 10-20 miles at a time.
    I have about 70 miles now. At first I just wanted to be sure I didnt go too far in case I had to carry the bike home lol. Vary your throttle like you said to break it in properly, no extended periods of full throttle, and you should be fine. The only thing that really worried me was the chain and the stock tensioner, tensioner kept slipping and chain would come off. I was soo afrai that it would slip into spokes. Now I feel confident to go anywhere, when it gets cooler...Well good luck Mark and if we can help, just ask....
  17. Marktur

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    Hi George,
    Well, I went to a Kawasaki shop and they couldn't I went to trusty old Sears...In the lawnmower dept. they said to go to the repair shop...they were less than helpful there. "What part number?"...."I don't know, can I just look at your pulleys?"...."No. No part number, then I can't help you"..."OK, let's look at the schematic of one of the Sears tractors, and maybe we'll find a part number."...."No, go back to the store (they're a block apart) and get a part number for the tractor you like."...."Can't you just call them and ask?"...."No, they don't bother answering the phone."...."Huh???"...."Sir, I'm not going to stand here and guess at part numbers"...(She had no other customers waiting, BTW" some guy comes in with the same issue....she sends him walking, too. AMAZING!!!! This is why Sears is going out of business...and nobody seems to care!

    So I came back home and put on the stock one, and I'll hit some moped/scooter shops during the week next week...hopefully someone's got this dang thing.

    Anyway...I ventured to the Super Target...about 4-5 miles, I'd guess...bought some accessories: Front bag for handlebars, speedometer (top speed before it sounds like it's really winding out: 29-30 (then I backed off), and a big-a$$ comfy seat (Schwinn) really cushy and nice. Hopefully, I'm about done.

    Oh, I bought a toggle switch at Radio Shack, removed the yellow plastic button and the toggle fit right in it attaches to the blue wires, and now I have a kill button.

    Everything was tightened up using blue Loctite, and seems to be visible loose nuts, and I really don't want to tighten anything and break a good seal. I also used it on the petcock/tank and no leaks. Some documentation says use teflon tape, but I think gas would turn it into goop...and once again, the loctite worked great (so far).

    Everyone that saw me asked me about the bike! They all smile when I tell them that this is my little war against the oil companies. I have been spending about $85/2 weeks filling up my Acura MDX and it only gets about 17mpg around town... :) It's all good, now!

    Have a great weekend! Tomorrow I'm going to take a nice ride down A1A I think...check out the beach and the pretty girls...of course!

  18. Read down towards the bottom of the thread the Tractor Supply Co. part numbers are there. I bought a big comfy seat also "The Couch" almost as much as the bike, but it is comfy. I would like to see a pic ot the toggle/ kill switch. I also use the yellow button but if I could replace it I would. I'd keep and eye on the petcock because I dont believe threadlock is meant to be a "sealer", Teflon tape works, dont worry. Did you clean the inside of gas tank before mounting it, or wasnt it rusty? I'm going out tomorrow morning early before it gets tooooo hot, must be summer "cooking" here today... Have fun, enjoy, stay safe... Talk at ya latta.....
  19. MacTac

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    With a little more searching on carb problems you would have found this,,

    Before you do damage to your engine you should learn the vocabulary of the item you are working with, then searching for help works best.

    I am very surprised that after all of your posts about throttle cable and Idle / mixture, that it takes a newbie like myself to point you in the right direction!

    Senior members? did ya'all quit helping?
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