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    Hey everyone,

    Glad to have found this site. It's really informative. Glad to see that there are so many others out there that share a common interest.

    I have been sitting on the proverbial sidelines for a while...just reading the forums and such. Now I am ready to take the plunge and purchase a gas engine kit for my bike. Looking here and there on the internet to see what's out there...I am overwhelmed to say the least. There are SO MANY different vendors that sell them. Combine them with the eBay items. I don't want to make a bad choice. Can you all make some suggestions as to what direction I should follow when picking out an engine kit?

    Any and all help is appreciated.



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    Welcome, Doug. Before anyone can make any suggestions, we have to know what what sort of bike you plan to mount it on. 2-wheel or one of the trikes. I ride a delta trike, which takes a toially different mount than the others, as does a tadpole mount, or a 2-wheel mount. (Also some of the more 'special' , mounts.
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    I have a Gary Fischer Mountain Bike (2 wheel). I am 5'7" on a good day...I think the frame is about an 18" frame. Any help and guidance as to what brand / type of gas engine I should purchase is appreicated. Thanks in advance.