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    hello all. i just joined today but i have used this forum for a while as i have just completed my first build. it's one of the $125 '80cc' Chinese jewels. not exactly a technological marvel, but what can one expect for $125. i've had to make quite a few mod's, fix, repair, or replace something at every step of the way. has anyone read the online pdf instructions that says this is a 3 hour job?! took me 3 days, but to be fair i suffer from something that makes me have to have things perfect before it's complete. i've probably riden 20 miles or so and have encountered many a setback. the worst of which is a carb that leaks like a hydroelectric dam and floods like a cardboard basement. so i'm off to look for some answers. i'm going to check on installing a carb from a chainsaw and replacing the coil from same. also, my engine is VERY hard to start. i live on a mountain and i'm 75 yards down the hill before my motor cranks. so if i stop somewhere with no hill around, i'm in irons. i spent 5.5 hours at walmart yesterday trying to start the darn thing but had to call for a ride. i have to hold the throttle at +/- 50% or it will die. sorry this entry is so long. i hope i'm not in violation for covering so many topics. guess i'm a bit frustrated, but i do love this forum!

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    Hi Billy, I think the fuel inlet valve in your carb is not sealing. The little float is supposed to close off the valve (operates like a toilet does- fills up and then the valve is supposed to stop any more inflow by the float pushing up). I would look there first.
    Oh, and welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    You will find the answers to your problems here....I solved 90% of mine without ever having to ask a question. Search and read.....if that fails then ask and you will get help. Remember, the only stupid question is the one that is not asked.