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    I haven't been riding bikes since 1982, until I lost my license last year. I bought a 660 supermoto motorcycle, got 6 tickets in 1 summer in Colorado. I got a mountain bike, it's too cold 1/2 the year and there is not much flat land where I was living in Colorado, plus the altitude made it pretty tough row to hoe for a 48 yr old man.
    I have moved to Mesa AZ. its nice and flat here with much more air to breath. The Heat here makes it tough to ride any distance. I have decided to put a motor on my bike because it requires no license, Registration or insurance.
    I'm a machinist by trade so I have gotten quite a ways without any help. I have a new 4-stroke engine 2-1/2 HP with a 5/8 output shaft with 3/16 keyway, sticking out 2-3/4 from the case. I was using a Stanton Friction drive set-up as a basic starting place,
    I need a clutch for 5/8" shaft w/3/16" keyway and 78mm outside diameter

    I would like to have a transmission and chain drive but can;t go that way right now.

    any suggestions>>??

    trent in the Desert

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    This place will make you feel like a kid in a candy store!
    Peace to all the bikers!