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  1. Pablo

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    Synthetic freewheel oil for SBP Shifter Kit freewheel. 2 fluid ounce bottle custom formulated with all synthetic base oils to allow for easy application and all temperature use. Helps prevent sticking pawls. Contains EP and AW agents to protect moving parts. The bottle has a nice flexible "needle" tip for precision application. Oil and bottle made in the USA.

    Our all synthetic freewheel oil is custom formulated with synthetic oils and additives for optimum performance in all conditions. A must for the Shift Kit freewheel. $3.99/bottle

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  2. Slay

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    Can I use that on any freewheel? Good price.
  3. Pablo

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    Sure it will work on any freewheel calling for oil. Most rear freewheels do call for oil (vs. grease.) IMHO - and lots of people ignore rear freewheels and not oil at all.

    Anyway as we say on our site, grease, especially cheap Taiwan grease, just doesn't work well with the Dicta front freewheel. Freewheel Maintenance

    Grease really causes the pawls to be silent - but this can lead to sticking of one or both. In this case hearing the "click-click-click*" is a good thing. If one pawl hangs the failure is typically catastrophic, if both hang, well then the one way doesn't work at all and typically the freewheel can be cleaned, re-oiled and put back in service.

    * Too loud of a "click-click-click" can also mean no lube at all.