new to site need some advise and wouldnt mind making some friends

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    hi guys and gals Im new to thissite I'm having some trouble and hoped someone could help.I had a bad head injurywhen I was 20 developed a seizure disorder which made it illegal to drive in massachusetts even though I haven't had a seizure into years my question is I want to get a motorized bike for a good price1 that I can legally on the bike side of the street without a licenseI was wondering if anyone new what did cheapest and most quality wayto go about getting a motorized bike or buying a bike and putting a motor on it I've been having 2 ride my regular bicycle pretty much everywhere I go unless I can get a ride I do not have much family actually turned 30tomorrow so I thought I would try and get a motorized bike for myself easton thinking about this a lot for long timea been looking on craigslistand sites like that but a to make sure I get hey blake that works properly freaky price that will last me a whileif anyone andy help or suggestions they could offer I would appreciate itsomuchI am an avid bicycle listbut have no knowledge and experience with motorized bike soI guess my real question is what best way is to get hey quality motorized bike for the cheapest price or find a fight and then the parts in morningplease helpI don't want to spend my money on that is crap and be played for a fool

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    Hello new friend. I am new as well. Name is Rob, but i go by yoda as well. Your plea struck me several ways. Firstly, the head trauma and seizures. I am a licensed seizure tech, helped diagnose 1000's and get many licenses back. Secondly, i own a 48cc grubee, and cant get er running. But ive learned a lot. Lemme know if ya got questions, advice, or just wanna say hi, and move on. Im cool with it. Rob
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    To me, there is not a lot of difference between engines from different vendors. Some members will disagree with me. A four stroke Huasheng 49cc may work well for you. They come with a complete kit, install pretty easy and have an automatic clutch.
    I think a motorized bike may be a good way for you to run errands and get around town.