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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Al.Fisherman, May 4, 2011.

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    Before I built my first motorized bicycle, I was searching for this kind of drive. I first saw these type of engines on bicycles while I was in Viet Nam in 1967. There weren't hundreds on the road, but in the 10's of thousands. Has anyone purchased this kit, if so I'd like a review on it. This just might be the next one I build.

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    just my opinion, ever drive one of the older front wheel drive cars? this is before gm and so forth got it all together. very bad handling.In fact dangerous. Do to the front wheel pulling and the extra weight on the front makes for really strange handling.
  3. Esteban

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    A Chinese copy of the French designed Solex.
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    This is the first I've seen of it.

    But I can make use of a bit of experience with the Solex. Like Ixlr8 said, front wheel drive on a bicycle takes some getting used to. And you really need to watch out when it's slippery.

    That doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it. That does look like a handy design, after all.
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    I used a Staton front friction drive w/Mitsubishi TLE 43 engine. It was VERY lopsided when walking the bike. As soon as power was applied, ya couldn't feel the bias.

    JMO, if Staton had tucked the engine closer to the fork, it would've been better handling at a walk.
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    I rode a front wheel drive for a long time [ see my avatar ] & had no balance problems with it, except when stopped or trying to park the bike . The Solex bike was a winner design , but I don't know about the Chinese copy. Parts,, service after the sale,, etc., might scare me away.
    By the way,, good used Solexes, in the U.S. are cheap to buy.
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    I ride a front drive DH MTB with a huge 2.5hp Lifan 4 stroke & it handles better than my rear drive MB (& goes 50 mph).
    I have done extensive testing & swapping engines from front to rear & back and forth to be able to come up with the best setups for each of my MB's. As long as the engine is mounted as close to the headtube as possible (close to the centerline of the axle) it handles great.
    Think about it...engine 10-30lbs, your butt 150-250 lbs sitting closer to the rear axle than the front axle?
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    This is not a review of the kit.
    This is a review of the crooked Vendor

    Save your sanity.
    That is a Chinese copy of a very nice solex frontwheel drive system.
    They reach about 20 mph.
    NO WARANTY . But what can you expect from boygofast.

    If you can afford to throw to Two hundred dollars away. Go for it.

    I would use thatsdax BMP staton If you want frontwheel drive or just find a good used one.
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    From what I understand...have not verify it yet..both "luckyearlybird" and "boygofast" are husband and wife. If so don't worry about me buying from him. When I had a DOA CDI, she so much as told me to ... well you fill in the rest.
    If BGF is NOT related to "luckyearlybird" I'd like to hear from him. I know that they monitor what goes on here.

    Is that what you call "two peas in a pod"?
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    Thanks for the information... 3 Negative feedback in 12 months...


    Same as all the HT kits... I guess he wants a top line kit for a bottom line price.

    NEG... 2. on the SOLEX "Bent Broken Parts hanging out of box NO Packing WHY??????????"

    I doubt that the seller would send such a package.. UPS or FED EX wouldn't accept it for shipment. File a claim. I don't fault the seller on this or #3

    NEG... 3. Same as 2.. Same person, same day.

    So his 96.8 doesn't bother me.

    You can't satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time.... Another thing is that Feedback is reported totally wrong.
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    Very nice looking engine :D
  13. retromike3

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    other engines, other times

    when I was a kid(when dinosaurs ruled the earth) there was a bike engine I saw in the back of comic books. It was called the "Chicken Motor" I never actually saw one in person, but I thought that it would be a cool thing to have.

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    Mine, in my avatar is the same kit as a " Chicken Power ." An Ohlsson & Rice 1hp. engine.