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    hey there guys recently have been browsing around the forum figured it was time to register and show some face, im new to this new form of transportation and sounds a lot better than walking to class. im getting ready for my first build and was thinking of using a cheap walmart bike ie. the cranbrook, and was looking at purchasing a 66cc motor for it. i thought of painting it black with bed liner paint similar to the kind in truck beds and keeping a stealth black look to it, any thoughts are welcome.


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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure if bedliner paint will withstand the heat (up to 500 deg F). Use a heat resistant paint like engine enamel on the cylinder and head.
    Cheap walmart bikes work OK if you have a steel frame. Aluminum will sometimes form cracks from the vibration of a gas motor.
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    Thank you, sorry about the confusion i meant to say the painting the frame with it to give it the rough look and ordering a factory painted engine
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    I strongly based on the crash stories from this forum, that you remove the fenders, use loc-tite on everything, and use a dedicated rear hub instead of the fiber washers.

    If you get the grubee factory BMX size chain, you might want to discard it as people are having a lot of problems with chain derailment. Keep in mind that bushing chains (roller chains) will last longer and have higher break strength.

    I think Krylon flatte camoflauge military/hunting paint&primer is the best product for a low-buck paint job.
    I painted a car/jeep/chop job with Krylon hunting camo one year and the paint was VERY durable! I couldn't believe how easy it was (paint& primer together), and how much abuse it took. Its not cheap though but cheaper than the bedliner stuff.
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    Ive had mine over a year now still running good 1200 miles think I payed 300.00 with engine kit it did blow intake gasket but made it home carefull of coaster brake good luck with yours