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    I've been looking for the recomended spark plug for my 2-strokes, The NGKB6HS, all over the place. I guess I could have ordered it online and paid three times the price, but I'm too cheap to do that. I've called Kragens before and they said they didn't carry it. WELL, I thought I'd try one more time and guess what? I talked to someone that knew what he was doing. Hey, I was suprised too. I'm pretty sure I've heard some on this site also say that Kragens did not carry it. Come to find out, you have to speak their language. According to them, It's a NGK 7534. He pulled one out and sho nuff, It said NGK B6HS and below had the number Kragens goes by, 7534.
    Yeah, I know, Kragens is now O'RIELYS,(it will always be Kragens in my heart) But I hope this makes it easier for some people to get the right plug. There's a Kragens in almost every town. All ya gotta do is speak Kragenese.
    Big Red.

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    I've got the NGKB6, and NGKB5. The B5 does better overall?! I'm located in SW Va. with many hills, and both plugs are good, but B5 has stronger reaction on this little china creation 66cc.

    I've used other plugs, and NGK is the only way to go.................
  3. plugs

    a lot of the plug manufacturers are going to the 4 digit standardized numbering system. 7534 is the new numbers. Bosch does this too. Advance auto has them for $2.09 minus 20% coupon and you can have it shipped to the store free. O'reileys will match prices.
    The b5 plug is hotter so just watch out that u do not burn a piston. I am running an e-3/10 which is a mower plug and too hot ,but i have been too lazy to buy the right one. The bike came this way. I just upgraded my plug wire and boot so the spark is even hotter.
    Be careful on hot days up hills with hot plugs. Synthetic oil is a good insurance plan. so is no ethanol gasoline if you can find it.
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    stupid but i guess standardisation is a good thing...

    the heat range of a plug doesnt affect combustion temps or piston temps.

    it does determine whether the electrode is self destructing, self cleaning, or self fouling... and can affect starting to some extent.

    an engine that doesnt get hot needs a hot plug. like a 4 or 5...a hot engine needs a cold plug... tis why you see 11 and 13 on most modern car engines... very hot engines, very cold plugs...

    i think my bp7hs is a bit too cold... might get a 5...

    and the numbers between different brands dont necessarily match...

    ngk all da way :D
  5. enlighten me

    You seem to have my misunderstanding of plugs sorted out but some of your own too. do hot plugs run hotter or not?
    Is my e-310 too hot for these motors?
    here is wikipedia's answers. I find it pretty funny that they have a ngk as their pretty picture plug. good motorcycle plugs ,but old school always told me that they run "hot". I really like denso's in my japanese motors too.
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    ok, a hot plug like a b4hs has its INSULATOR get hot. not the flame, not the spark, just the insulator nose.

    conversely, the insulator doesnt get as hot on a colder ranged plug.

    a hot insulator burns off any carbon deposits, so are used on lawnmowers or industrial engines that dont rev particularly high, are usually rich running, etc. make a lot of carbon and dont get hot. use a plug thats too cold and it will be forever fouling and hard to start.

    an engine that gets hot produces less carbon, etc so the insulator doesnt have to be so hot. select a plug thats too hot and it will melt...

    this "heat" has nothing to do with the engines performance, except that a hot plug will start slightly easier when cold... because they burn off any deposits ;)

    and saying all this means i now know why i need the choke to start! :shout:
  7. It also means

    If you allow a plug to run too hot , it allows pre-ignition /detonation, which causes engine damage. you are probably correct that these little motors run
    relatively cold.
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    B6HS is the wrong plug I did research and found that B6HS is the middle plug when its supposed to be either or higher or lower.

    Get an aftermarket spark plug. In fact, get a couple so you have spares. They are cheap. These bikes use a cheap Chinese plug and get a little better performance with a name-brand part. Spark gap is not critical. Gap your plug anywhere between .025"-.035 and it will work fine.

    NGK B5HS or B7HS
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    Yer right, The B6HS is the middle of B5 and B7. So if the B5 OR B7 is OK, why not the B6? ( Not too hot, Not too cold, It's just right.) These engines generally run a little cooler than most 2 strokes so a little hotter plug is fine. I don't know why you would want to run a cooler plug though. I don't know it all so if you can explain it perhaps I'll learn something new.
    Big Red.
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    All I can tell you to do for your own good is to read. You havent dug up anything I ever seen but you back heliosmuck and the EZ dumptruck crew who continue to provide complete false information and insist to new commers that you know exactly what your talking about.
    shame on you. Ive ridding all my life and Im still learning. Im free and I dont follow anyone. So take your dump truck crew and quiz them thats were been doing dont change up now.
    You were all togethor trying to modify something that didnt run. I know you didnt appogive to the new commer for doing it. Shame on you again. All you're around here is trying to make things difficult for people that real knowledge. More then likely trying to mess up someones good time ridding. I aint seen anything impressive with 5 of your buddies all trying to team up and say the same irrelavent information.
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    Thanks for all the info... I been running the stock china plug and want to upgrade. My motor seems to run fairly cool, so I think I'll go with the B6. And thanks for the cross-reference number... the help at O'Reilly's is not very savvy when it comes to parts that they can't look up on the screen.
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    The only thing the heliosmuck and EZ dumptruck crew are good for is traction on the race track. I'd rip rubber all over your racing number.
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    All I asked for was information about your source. I could search the web for day's and get a hundred different oppinions. You want me to read WHAT?
    Just because you don't agree with what's said on this site is no reason to call people "heliosmuk's and EZ dumptruck crew" If you have a valid fact, show the source instead of simply claiming you know everything and everybody else is wrong.
    You may very well be a RACING GOD, but most of us are just trying to put together a good solid road bike. So please,( Ya notice I did say please) A little less attitude and more Helpfull type of help. If you want to GO OFF on people, this is not the forum for that, try the white zone or combustion chamber. If you would like to express your opinion about what works for you, in this case spark plugs and such, Then an adult could do it without all the name calling. And if you want to show someone is wrong, SHOW THE SOURCE!. Otherwise, it's just your opininion.
    (And dude, ever heard of spellcheck?)
    Big Red.
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    b7 is too cold and is forever dirty....

    this thread became a personal attack '.'

    people get so worked up :D
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    You can't modify something that doesnt run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why would 5 people have the wrong solution all on the same thread and all previously bashed a newbi for complaining about the heliosmuck???????????????????????????
    I will show you how to race anytime you get the courage to ride an XR650R. I'll get your number!
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    You know you'd wiend up a fire ball oh my bad your a big red.
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    HeadSmess, I tried to explain to the guy how things work in the adult world in post # 14. All he want's to do is stomp his feet and call people names. If he had fact's I think he would show his source. I just checked his profile and he has no bikes in his album, let alone any friends listed. Perhaps he would be happier at another M.B. site if he thinks we are all dumptrucks.
    Big Red.
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    I'll show you some of my stuff. Dont get to sensative now come on your sapposed to be a sargent arent you?

    Hey I have a question for you. What do you think about your buddy getting over on me?

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    Again, You you state things as fact without showing a source. WHAT bike that didn't run? WHAT Newbie got bashed? It wasn't on THIS thread. If you're such a bad A bike builder show us YOUR bike.--- Never mind, You'll probably just download a pic. from the web. You really don't seem happy on this site, so may I invite you to join another. Why would you want to stay here anyway, Were all a bunch of "dumptrucks" according to you.
    Thats right, I'm the
    Big Red.
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    I guess you just are going to avoid the subject. I actually havent laughed so hard in my whole life looking at your technology team.
    I hate to tell you but I think this site really keeps it real around here. I really like it.
    Ready for some jokes?
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