Clutch Oh no, my clutch!

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    Hey guys!

    Been a while :p

    Basically about 2 months ago, I was riding my bike to work, and all the sudden, the clutch entirely stopped working, with kind of a *pop*.

    I managed to get it all the way to work without stopping.. with great difficulty (its like 20km through traffic), and when I inspected it, the clutch cable was intact, which I thought was the problem since it had somewhat frayed with heavy undoing/redoing.

    Pushing the clutch lever all the way around similarly has no effect.

    My main issue is that its down at work and currently I have no car, so I need to diagnose it before I go down there and fix it.

    How hard is it to do a clutch replacement, and is a kit such as the one on sale from my local distributor [here: ] going to be sufficient to patch pretty much any clutch problems?

    Ofcourse it seems pretty obvious to me that it could only be the clutch, but im all ears if anyone has any other ideas.

    Looks to be a completely new clutch, so id imagine so.. but it helps to ask. Also are any special tools required for this?

    Cheers guys.

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    So lemme get this straight, you can spin your release arm around and around? It has absolutely no resistance what so ever?
  3. Hajuu

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    Sorry nah, like, as far as I can remember it just spins the normal range with no resistance.
  4. GearNut

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    I think that getting a complete clutch kit at this point in the diagnosis would be a waste of $$$.
    Try to get the bike home, that way you can do a proper teardown and inspection.
    There are only 3 things I can think of that would do that.
    1. Flower nut (#1) or mandrel (#18) failed.
    2. Cam shaft (#27) that goes into the sprocket cover snapped.
    3. Pin (#21) that attached mandrel (#18) to ferrule (#22) snapped. Requires splitting
    the cases to get to.
    Link to bicycle engines. c o m for exploded view showong the numbers I referenced to.

    Installing the whole kit that you linked to requires complete engine disassembly.
    You also would need a gasket kit or make your own gaskets out of store bought gasket material.