Ok what is the run down on the Whizzers

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  1. astring

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    2008 NE5 questions:
    how fast is it stock?
    how fast with regulator mod?
    how hard is that mod?
    does it stall or have problems in 105+ temps?
    how hard to reg and ins in Arizona?
    since they are canceling the NE5 will it be impossible to get parts in 5 years?
    is it wise to wait for the new model?
    thanks for any info. :)

  2. KilroyCD

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    Well, stock it should top out at around 35mph. Opening up the restrictor plate might enable you to get to 45mph. The restrictor mod is fairly easy to do, real easy with a dremel tool. I can't answer the high temp or AZ questions.
    The next answer is purely speculation. Certain parts (high mortality parts) may become scarce, while others won't. Certain Whizzer dealers might end up being the best source for parts some years down the road.
    As far as waiting for the new model is concerned, I wouldn't. It might be some time before it arrives, and like any new model, it likely wouldn't be wise to get one of the first. Let any bugs get identified and corrected first.
    Just my two cents.
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    I just insured my Whizzer through Progressive (today). They were the only insurance company I found that had Whizzer already listed in their "make" of motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. It was 119 a year for me (that's 10 a month). It would likely be cheaper in AZ than in SF, CA, but don't quote me on that. You can get a quote from their website. (Geico was ridiculously expensive--400+ a year for liability--and AIS wouldn't even do it.) It is not clear whether you are legally required to insure here in CA, but ... I figured it's cheap enough and shuts up any cops who would stop me (and, trust me, out where I live they would rather hassle you for no reason than actually do anything about crime).