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    howdy folks!
    I have been following a few postings for about 3 months and just signed up this morning. I have a Townie Electra with a Staton friction drive, 33.5 cc robin. having lots of fun with nothing but a big smile and bugs on my teeth! What got me started on MB's is the loss of my CA DL due to my 2nd DUI in 10 years and going without transportation is a real drag. The first thing was to find a comfortable bike for my old bones and immediately fell in love with the Townie 21 speed. With the crankshaft mounted about 12" forward of where my butt sets and the height of the handle bars, I found a bike that keeps the weight off my wrists and gives me a comfortable riding posture. As with all things, you give up one attribute for another. With this frame i surrendered the ability to comfortably put the power of my weight to the pedals while standing up to climb steep hills. After making minute adjustments to the seat/handlebars and just getting use to the bike I wouldn't trade my it for any other. The next step was to decide what kind of drive system would be best for my needs. I quickly discounted the electric drive because of the limited range per charge. 2 or 4 stroke? 4 absolutely!

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    Welcome aboard, dug.

    Photos of your bike would be good. Also tell us about your rides; what sort of traffic and terrain and such.
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    Welcome to the forum. Post some pics when you can.