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Hi folks. After a few years doing other things I decided to build a new bike. It’s been a long drawn out process because I want it to look really cool.
I hate peanut tanks, the standard stem looks weird and the rake of most bikes look odd to me. Now I should just appreciate them for what they are but I have a habit of not letting well enough alone.

It started with this frame in the 1st attachment. An old amf frame that I got for 10 bucks
I can’t remember what I paid for the bike in the second attachment but it was cheap. The guy was almost not going to sell it to me when he heard I was going to part it out, but he looked like a guy who needed cash.
I used the fork first and the wheels are 24 inch.
As I said, I don’t like peanut tanks so I got a big tank for 35 bucks from ebay


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Maybe it’s not too bad


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