Old motored bike NO idea what it is... Help!

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    I have owned this motored bicycle for approx. 25 years. I Know a lot about motor cycles, but I have no idea with this motorized bicycle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Looking at this thing "I am telling ya this THIS THING IS OLD". The engine is above the front wheel. The engine runs a grippy round spool deal. It lowers onto the front wheel to make it go. There is a number on the floor board piece it is a 1700 ??? On the engine part "solex 65 L1" ???
    On the casting by the flywheel the word "Rupture" with a arrow by it ??? Basically the back part of the frame is like "bent sheet metal construction" ??? The pictures I am attaching are of the bike laying up in my rafter hence the board in the pictures. If someone thinks they know what this thing is I could get better pictures, let me know if that is necessary. If this thing is from 1900 or 1950 I just don't know.

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    What a very curious looking little engine and frame set up!
    I would like to know just what make it is too.
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    Hopefully someone can give me some clues.
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