One of papa's toys

This 'bent I built about 3 years ago. Had intended to give it to one of my grandsons, but he was two inches too tall. Not much room for a motor without some serious surgery. As fast as it is now, I'd probably land in the hoosecow halfway through the first tank. Weighs 24 pounds.

What was the original gooseneck off of?
Needs a kickstand with a wheel, operated by hand.
Looks good man!
What a nice job you did. I had a Infinity that I put a Golden Eagle engine on which was a nice riding expierence. The main difference was uss. If I were to do it again I would perfer to have your setup.

Like seeing your bike and nice craftmanship.
Wow PaPa, thats going back a few decades. From the looks of the handle bars, I bet every time you hit a chuck hole, you bruised your forehead!
Ha Ha :)