Ordered a Staton Friction


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4:11 PM
Aug 11, 2008
Pitt Meadows, BC. Canada
loquin, thank you. I went to a local sporting goods store this morning, and there was a shiny red aluminum water bottle (0.75 litre capacity) with a screw-in stopper staring me right in the face. I bought the bottle, then went to Staples and bought a package of white 1/2" stick-on letters and put the word GASOLINE (vertically) on the face of the bottle. It looks absolutely awesome, and fits perfectly in my water bottle cage on my bike. I also keep a 1 gal. jerry can of gas in my garage just for my bike, so I can top up the tank when needed, but nice to know that I now have a reserve onboard just in case I run out of fuel. Thanks to all for your replies to my query and your great suggestions, you guys are very helpful to a newbie like me!