Ordering Bike Online?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BikeMan, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. BikeMan

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    So what do you guy's think about ordering a bike online.Someone on here in another thread gave this link to this website.It's bikebuyers.com Is it a **** shoot to order a bicycle online.I had this comfort bike in mind and for what they show about the bike,it's much cheaper than buying a bike with the same setup from a bike shop.What do you think?


  2. TwoWalks

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    I have ordered twice from them and got exactly what I ordered and in fast delivery time. The first bike I ordered I took to the LBS and the owner commented on the high quality of the bike. Good company and good quality.
  3. Mountainman

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    it's a nice looking bike -- I didn't see the price ?

    Ride that thing Mountainman
  4. BikeMan

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    The price with shipping is 199.43.Down at my local bike shop,they have a Giant
    brand bike almost exactly with same set-up,it's 520.00.Now I realize the Giant
    is a good brand and all but is it 300.00 better? I came close to getting a comfort bike today at Walmart.It had a 8 speed twist shift,double Vbrakes,dual suspension,aluminum frame.It was marked down 50% to 64.00.But I remembered so many members here stating do not buy Wally bikes.So I listened.

    Thanks for your help....Tim
  5. s_beaudry

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    Hey Tim...

    Just my two cents after buying a cheap(er) bicycle for my MB built.

    I paid $149 for a Schwinn Searcher 7 speed which looked pretty nice, so I bought it.

    Since motorizing it, the adjustable handlebars will not stay tight until I jb welded them in place and the front rim (very very cheap) is wobbling pretty fierce now from being out of round. Also the brake leave something to be desired in terms of stopping quickly.

    If you can afford a little better, please do so.... if not, just keep your eye on things and keep safety first and foremost!

  6. BikeMan

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    What do you think of the Men's Schwinn Cimarron Comfort Bike - 26" I see Target sells them.**** the more I look the more confusing it its.
  7. s_beaudry

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    Before I bought the Schwinn Searcher I spent ALOT of time in Walmart and Target comparing prices and bikes and such.

    I am of average means, but I will tell you this, knowing whaat I know now about reliability, comfort, safety, and durability in riding a MB.... the next bike I buy will be at least one or two steps above a Schwinn.

    Just keep in thought that when you build your bicycle into a MB, you are pushing it way past it's normal limits in terms of speed and safety. Thinking this, I know I will jump up to spending ~$300 or more for my next bicycle.

    If you could, hold off and save for a better bike, you will be very surprised at how the quality level jumps adding another ~$100 or so.

    When it comes to bicycles..... you will get what you pay for!


  8. Mairead

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    I don't really get the principle behind buying cheap. Adding a motor is completely outside the design parameters for any bike, but much more so for a cheap one where they cut every possible corner to save a nickel. So why wouldn't you be practically guaranteed dissatisfaction? Even most people who DON'T stress them with a motor end up dissatisfied with the cheesy construction.

    If you really must save a nickel, why not buy a heavy old clunk made of 1020 gas pipe?
  9. proline20

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    I'm rough on bikes...my wally world bike's wheels only lasted 500 miles. And I had to replace the crummy shimano tourney derailer because it would slip. That bike is now in the bonepile waiting for a scavenger.
    If you can find heavy guage spokes and steel frame, durability and lower vibration will follow. For sure you get what you pay for, or be lucky and find a '80's Janis Earth Cruiser in your friend's garage for free.
  10. Happy Valley

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    Yeah to the posts on Wmart junk. After seeing so much written about Kulana Moon Dogs I bought one. I was rushed late for an appointment and had no time to check it until I got it home. Heh, this piece of chit is going back, what a load of junk, welds look like a kid did them. (come to think of it that's probably the case)

    Back on topic to the Firmstrong commuter....I'd be extremely leary of a handle bar adjuster like that. Just smacks me like one of those things if you strip it once you'll never get it to tighten again.
  11. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Yes... first hand experience of flipping over the handlebars when the adjustable handlebars let lose:

    It hurts, it hurts real bad!