Peak horsepower 23 horsepower 17,400 watts

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by fredie, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. fredie

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  2. Yes but will it fit inside my bicycle frame?
  3. veloman

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    Looks like it's essentially a downhill mtn bike with a big electric motor. Pretty sweet.

    Electric is awesome, so much cleaner and quieter. That's one of the reasons I love cycling, it's silent as you move through the terrain.
  4. SirJakesus

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    For that price the thing should come with street legal accessories. I'd love to ride that thing to work in place of my SV650s and pay for NO gas. However I wouldn't want the bill once the lithium battery finally dies, probably half the cost of the bike alone.
  5. Alan

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    But I like the smell of gas and oil. And love all the noise. It wouldn't be the same without it.

    Cool toy for the rich though.
  6. vyzhion

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    That would be wicked awesome if it didn't cost as much as a nice used SUV... If I win the powerball lottery I will buy 2. ;)
  7. fredie

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    check it out on you tube
  8. lennyharp

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    It is pretty cool but will only take you 40 miles or 2 hours? I think we need a hybrid that allows the best of gas and electric where we can go hundreds of miles between recharge/refill.
  9. fredie

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  10. oldschool

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    You know, the 40-50 miles works for me, but with that much motor I could run a Honda 800 or something - not a toy but a real street bike commuter. Heck, that motor would run my '80 spitfire up to about 40 mph (unless the numbers are grossly inflated. Don't you just hate that 'peak power rating' ****, whether it's bikes or stereos).
  11. veloman

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    You can get an 18hp peak, 8hp continous motor at for only $525.

    Add another 400 for a controller though.

    Then, the batteries. Still pretty cheap, for that kind of power. I might build up a 'superbike' this winter like that. I'd beat MOST cars on the road, 0-40mph.

    **** these SLA batteries kill performance. My current project bike now weighs 70lbs with 34ah of batteries on the rack. I really wish they would make some better advancement in battery technology, and not have a crazy high cost.
  12. s_beaudry

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    Very nice setup with a hefty pricetag as well...

    It says a 40 mile range, most likely real world useage would be 20 - 25 miles I am guessing?
  13. ecog

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    range is always guessing - payload, wind, hills, pedaling, battery charge/condition - in the real world we've all seen it vary drastically. If someone claims 40 miles, realistically figure 10-25 miles actual...
  14. s_beaudry

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    $7500+ for a "being realistic" 25 mile range.... WOW!

    I am no engineer by any means, but I am sure there must be way better range vehicles out there for this kind of money.
  15. ecog

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    Considering a Kawasaki KLR650 can be had for $5350 MSRP and deliver 60-70mpg, on/off road, etc...

    Actually, the performance seems quite good for that battery pack. Remember batteries will only continue to improve for the better so it has a place in the EV world - but still...
  16. Ypedal

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    The rear rim on my daily driver came from this guy, Neal is one cool dude and does great work.. the zero bike will hold it's own with a 250cc 4 stroke yamaha( anyone watch discovery channel ? " green machines " )

    Range, like most things, it's all related to how you drive it ! hehe..