Pls Help! Engine dies at idle, idle screw wont help



Hi there,
Im almost finished the 2nd tank of gas now and the engine ran normally untill yeterday. It ran perfectly for the frist hour of ride and the when i pull the clucth at the stop sign engine just died, whenever i pull the gas the rpm drops and engines is killed. I adjusted the idle screw and it didnt help, checked on air leak and didnt see any suspect. Right now it run almost normal except lose some torque power. I swap it with a brand new carb from my friend and also new spark plug but it didnt make any different.
What should i be looking for.
Thanks for your help.
Personally I set my motor up to do just what yours is doing. I have to keep throtling in order to keep my motor running. Most likely the reason that your throtle was working fine when you first had it and now it is not is because the throttle cable will stretch out. This is very normal. You could adjust the threaded adjustment nut coming from the throtle itself (were the throtle cable connects to the throttle) as well as the threaded bolt coming from the carby (also where the cable connects to the carby, twist it counterclockwise then lock out the bottom nut to keep it in the desired location). If you want to keep your motor running at idle. check your e-clip location on your throtle needle (this is how you adjust the mixture), which slot is it in? You most likely will need to move it a slot or two down the needle then re-install it in the carby. Then adjust the idle screw to your desired idle. Let us know if this helps

I am not sure why on earth you would want to adjust your it slipping? Does it not allow the motor to turn over? If the answer is NO to either or both of these questions, don't mess with your clutch.
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yeah, if there's just enuff drag it might account for a "stalling at idle" symptom. if you need to, just use needle nose on the adjuster on the engine...1/2 turn at a time til you're satisfied...walk the bike with the lever locked to check...too much and the new symptom will be slippage.
Thanks guys for every helps. I adjusted the cable nut and also made a manifold gasket. Now problem is gone, will see in the next couple rides.
Thanks again!