Problem With my Breather Valve

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by btf331, Dec 13, 2008.

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    My breather valves is spitting out alot of oil. Whats wrong?

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    This is all for the new motor I have a WC-1. the breather is on the right left side of the motor.
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    I forgot you have a WC1 Order an new valve tapet cover form one of our dealers here. They are not expensive at all and they come with the larger breather hose. Just plug the small breather hose point where it comes out of the block. Here is a picture of how I did it. You may not even need to make any changes to the modern cover breather hose. I didn't have to with mine.


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    Made a quickfix took some tube and taped of the end should do until i order that part, Or can i keep this..
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    Ran 50 miles today

    I ran it 50 miles today trouble free. now at liek 295.6. Now my front light went out.
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi btf331,
    I would just keep putting oil in your WC-1 and not worry about it. When you upgrade to the NE cylinder you can change the vent system at the same time. Problem with the WC-1 valve seats will soon rear it's ugly head, and oil will be the least of your problems. The NE cylinder has a vent hole in the base of the lifter cavity to help vent the crankcase and will need the larger vent hose to aid in reducing the pressure. Most of the time an additional oil/air seperator will also be needed to stop the oil venting into the air, and I have penned several posts on how to construct your own version.
    The head light bulb will need to be purchased from a Whizzer dealer [there are many on this site], but be sure to charge the battery and make sure it is good or you might continue to "pop" bulbs.

    Have fun,