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    I have been reading posts and do not seem to recall any dealing with vibrations using GEBE engine and mount kits. Is there any vibration? Would this kit work on a cheapo mountain bike if i plastic tie the spokes like I read in 1 post? I plan to use this for a small trip of 3 miles one way. I am leaning towards the biggest 4 stroke for lower noise level. Can someone help? I am 50 YOA, 180 lbs. and wanna have a bit of fun with these things.

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    the no vibration posts are a given with a gebe 4 stroke set up, there is no drivetrain vibration! i have a thousand or so miles on my tandem pushing 570 lbs 2 up, me & wife with the subaru, im a very satisfied customer,i have other kits on my cool bikes but dont put near as much mileage on them, do more searches here in the forum & read read read all ya need to know is here in the archives!
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    Not a good idea to use a cheapo bike.
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    the price of rideing, never go cheap!

    ya what fetor said! :punk:
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    I put my GEBE on a cheap Schwinn Point Beach From Walmart about a $ 100.00 bike new.
    I bought the 32cc Tanaka 2 stroke kit. And used the cheap wheels that came with the bike. 400 miles so far and only a Flat rear tire. The stock tires are ****-ola.
    at 100 miles every nut and bolt was loose spent 1 hour and got it all tight.
    My rear wheel is doing just fine and spokes look good.
    If you got the money get a good bike, But if you dont being a little Vigalent on keeping it all tight and you should have limited problems. I only use my bike for stress releif and not transporation , If you are going to have to depend on it to get to work get a good bike even if it's a used one.