Pulled over in Los Angeles

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  1. RollingStones

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    I was one block away form my house last thursday when I took a right hand turn and saw lights flashing...

    The cops were really cool and no tickets were given out but they pretty much stated that my bike is not a legal vehicle and I cannot ride it on the road. I asked them what I could do to make it legal but their answer was basically that I couldn't because it did not have a VIN number.

    I peddled back up to my building and started some research and of course I found many cases alike.

    Long story short, I have a postal money order and form on its way so that I can get a license plate. Left side mirror added. Speedometer, tachometer, 300 lumen headlight and an extra rear red light arriving on friday but still need to see about a horn.

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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Awesome looking bike.
    Welcome to the forum.

    Did the cops ask for a M2 drivers license?
    Once you get the $20 CA motorized bicycle license plate you can ride in the cool
    places like down in Huntington and Newport Beach where they enforce the mb laws.
  3. RollingStones

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    No they just asked me what it was and I told them as far as I knew it was a motor assisted bicycle but they didn't buy it.

    Will I need a special license for it?

  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    your bike is a motorized bicycle as defined by CA vehicle codes.

    Yes, you need an M1 or M2 endorsement on your drivers license.

    If you are over 21 you can take the M1 written test to get a temporary license that is good for a year.
    Just as easy and the same cost to get an M1 as an M2.
  5. Robot

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    Don't need one but you do need to register it and get a plate which is about $20.00 or so you can get it plated and there is a fee this info out of Mt. Shasta Ca. there are a few of them around have been in the past 10 years . The idea is the can be registered as a motorized bicycle they are in a few places one is Mt. Shasta
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    California CVC codes quite clearly say you do need a drivers license for a motorized bicycle.

    What does Mt Shasta have to do with anything Mr Bot?
    Here is the CVC:
    SECTION 12500-12527

    12500. (a) A person may not drive a motor vehicle upon a highway,
    unless the person then holds a valid driver's license issued under
    this code, except those persons who are expressly exempted under this

    (b) A person may not drive a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or
    motorized bicycle upon a highway, unless the person then holds a
    valid driver's license or endorsement issued under this code for that
    except those persons who are expressly exempted under this
    code, or those persons specifically authorized to operate motorized
    bicycles or motorized scooters with a valid driver's license of any
    class, as specified in subdivision (h) of Section 12804.9.
  7. Fast Shag

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    So stoked I moved outta HB back in the day! I grew up there. I used to get pulled over left and right riding my GoPed as a kid in the 90's. Never got a ticket though cause they couldn't figure out what it was! HB cops are Nazis! Alway have been, always will be! Cops up here in North Idaho don't even bat an eye at me in the middle of an intersection cruising with the cars! I always wondered though what the loophole was getting a 66cc motor into Cali........
  8. RollingStones

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    I don't think they are that bad here. I do think that there were solid reasons for them to pull me over, and I'm glad they didn't ticket me right away because I just moved here from Austin and wasn't sure exactly where MBs stood with the fuzz. :helmet:

    Now I know and I am getting everything I need taken care of so that I don't have issues in the future.

    Since I own a car, this is a second mode of transport which I only use to get my kicks. This situation is less unfortunate then it could have been.
  9. LR Jerry

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    I often have to explain to riders here in Tennessee a driver's license is required. Just because some cop didn't know the law doesn't mean the next cop won't know. Being legal means one less thing I have to worry about. Looking up statutes let's you know exactly what the law is. That word of mouth source law can get you into real trouble.
  10. kgyrobotron

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    To anyone..with the new hp increase in Cali.. does that mean I can ran the 79 cc pred rated at 3hp. and not have to run 49 cc???
  11. MotorBicycleRacing

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    There never was any mention of 49 cc or 50cc or any amount of cc
    in California motorized bike CVC codes.

    The old law simply said 2 HP or less.

    The new law says 4 HP or less.

    In real life on the streets since 2008 I never heard of anyone getting a ticket for having over 2 HP which the 66 cc China girls would be about 2 1/2 HP.

    I once got stopped with 2 other bikes which were 5 HP Briggs and the Huntington Beach motor cop did not bring it up.

    He did want to see DOT helmets, M2 or M1 drivers license, the license plate and a red rear reflector.

    Only one of the Briggs riders got a ticket for no DOT helmet because the cop cut him a break for not having an M class license that would have caused him employment problems.

    All three of us could have been ticketed for something, like no license plate for me and non DOT helmet for the other Briggs rider.
  12. kgyrobotron

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    Thx I've been ridin my home brewed 3 wheeler. Thinking I was legit..well guess I'll do what you recommend...experience counts for me. Thx