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  1. darth garfunkel

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    Here's a mod I came up with to help reduce chain vibration. I'm running fat tires on my bike and the drive chain comes close enough to the tire that any vibration can cause rubbing. I tried a few spring loaded tensioners but none of them really worked so I put an adjustable tensioner together with some spare parts that attach to the seat post. I'm still running the factory tensioner but from my trial runs earlier today this new one works pretty well.

    What I used:
    *2 motor mounts from Dax
    *bearing tensioner wheel from Dax
    *a quick release seat lever
    *a bolt and some nuts

    Here are some pics:

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  2. darth garfunkel

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    You can also see under my leaky carb another mod I made with a roller from a sliding screen door that smooths out the tight turn the clutch cable has to make. What I did was take a small screen door wheel and bend the bracket to 90 degrees. I ended up having to cut off a corner and machine out the hole to get it to fit properly. Then it gets mounted on the longer clutch cover bolt by adding a nut on the end.


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  3. Scotchmo

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    I like the idea but it would be better to put it on the slack side of the chain. The top run of the chain is in tension while under power so you are loading the idler pulley bearing. The bearing will last longer if you put the pulley on the bottom.
  4. Mountainman

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    nice job done there
    I have a thread somewhere about chain tensioners
    as we know been a weak spot for a long time
    maybe you could also add this information to my thread
    so ones looking can find many good ideas in one place ??

    have a nice day as you ride your THING
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    I have also used the sliding screen door pulley on a bike. I used it to operate a bottom pull front derailleur from a top pull cable (cable made a U turn on the pulley). I love those things.