Registering your bike

What is the name of your insurance carrier? What is the classification under which the bike is insured?
bamabikeguy said:
As the idea gets more widespread, maniacs will jump in the saddles, that is a given. The whole disguise idea will blow up when some guy puts a 100plus cc engine on a Schwinn, with a handmade plate declaring it a 49cc.

Please do not get frustrated with people like me who talk about putting on a 100+cc. I am doing a 156cc engine on a Mikes Hard Lemonade bike. However I must stress that I am doing it with constraints of the speed limit. So if a copper wanted to jump on the bike and test the top speed it would be incapable of doing more than 35mph 30mph is the legal limit. I would prefer the RPM's stay a smidge lower than flatout to hit 30.

The reason I want to have a larger engine is not for speed it is for power on hills. I have stated that I do take hills that are extreme the motor bogs with the 70cc dax but chugs up it. I would rather be able to haul more weight up those hills and maintain constant speed up those hills. This is my reasoning for more power.

I will stay withen the law I will have no pedal's and I doubt the coppers will give me a problem. I take roads that cars would be insane to go on. Think sand pits that stall the motor you must get off and push. But its safer its faster and most of all I do not get harassed. Not that the coppers would anyway. There is benefits to living out in the middle of nowhere such as me being able to do this without fear of coppers messing with me. Please do not think I am building a 156cc crotch rocket to outrun cars and cops. I want it for useful transportation to go to walmart or albertsons and the odd trip to the farmers markets or home depot.

I hope that clears up my madness I live in the mountians on a mesa and its brutal hills and Arroyo's.
I totally agree that the law here in MN is stupid. Here is what it says out of the moped learners manual.
Motorized bicycles are registered
as mopeds. A motorized bicycle must
meet the following requirements:
- Electric motor or a liquid-fueled
engine with piston displacement
of 50 cubic centimeters or less.
- Maximum of two brake horsepower.
- Maximum speed of 30 mph on a
flat surface.

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one more time...

These are motor Assisted Bicycles. These are not motorized bicycles. These are motor assisted bicycles. Period....
I totally agree, but here in MN, if it isn't electric and runs on gas it is a moped up to 50CC.... Believe me, I think it is totally stupid....

The Motor-Bicycle Legslation/Registrtion Blues

Hi all, here's how this song IS played. MANY states have different laws, and no matter what the truth may be, that which they have written, they will enforce as TRUTH. It matters not what we believe, what we might know, or even what history may tell us is so. They have thier precious Religous Sacred Writings! Intellegence, determination, and even being right will not overcome thier Religion.

This is why it is so important to us to get each state figured out correctly (as I have California) and reduce the likelyhood of any member getting in hot water by offending the enforcers of the Great State Religion by not doing right, or presenting the wrong information, or even taking the wrong path entirely. In this regard, the State has taken "Freedom of Religion" to a new, and utterly ridiculious height

from what i just read on this page

ther is no whay i would even say that i was in the wrong nomatter what they
can try to what ever it is that they think that they do best which is you no what im trying to say but im lucky here in texas if you can do the speed limit then do it man remember we do have the most deadlist highway in the world highway 6 that is and it isnt called the bloody highway for nothing me i do a average speed to houston of 100 not just me every one on the highway how dosent whant to get killed thats why if this bikes could do 80+ yeah we wish but if so roland needs to get his race down here to live up to its name
death race lets give it the true meaning of death race im in are you
TURBO of Gaijin productions
they dont call me turbo chaos for nothing

now dont bash me on this please just tell me what you think and sorry for the spelling its hard to spell with one hand when you are trying to take care of a newbourn
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If you are doing 80+ on a schwinn then you deserve what you will get, which is a nasty case of roadrash when your back wheel rips off.

if you are pushing 156cc on a bike just to get up hills then you are the exception also I'd love to see it!

I'm not saying all cops are bad - however if you get a nasty cop, he will make your life miserable. If you are trying to get your bike registered as a moped you will get a moped sticker. I understand what Dax is saying about these being motor-assisted bicycles, but just like the saying about quoting the bible, "the devil can quote the bible to suit his needs" - those in charge will be able to pick and chose what they want from the law to win an argument, again I'm not saying they will, but they can.

I want to register my bike as a "motor-assisted bicycle" but I HAVE to register it as a moped because of the laws of massachusetts. that is if I ever get around to doing it...
I want to register my bike as a "motor-assisted bicycle" but I HAVE to register it as a moped because of the laws of massachusetts. that is if I ever get around to doing it...

Ditto, it drives me nuts when people try to make these loopholes with it being a motor assisted bicycle yadda yadda. It really depends on your state. The average joe is not going to get any laws changed or put in place just to use this mode of transport.

"According to Massachusetts law (M.G.L. Chapter 90 Section 1), a "motorized bicycle" (also known as a "moped") is
defined as a pedal bicycle which has a helper motor"...

Ie if it's a bike, and has any moter, it's a moped, and a moped is a moped. What bugs me is that people can go to an RMV in one town, and not have any problem, and go to an RMV in another town and get turned away even though they're supposed to be following the same state rules. For instance, I got rejected because my bike isn't on their list of mopeds. (Which I think the lady was confusing for their list of limited use motorcycles, which are legally different, but she didn't understand) So I couldn't register it. And since it's my only form of transportation i'm going to have to do everything I can to avoid cops, but im still going to run into them and I'm sure they'll throw the book at me. but until I can afford a new car/motorcycle I'm stuck unless I can bike 30 miles to and 30 miles from work (which I can't and never will be able to)
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