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    Hi all,

    I'm MarkTur from this forum, and I haven't been here to visit in a while, but a lot has changed, and I just wanted to say hi, etc. I sold my Kulana about a month ago - hope the new guy is here now...I told him about this great forum. I then bought a Scooter - 125cc Genuine Buddy. VERY NICE. It required that I take the MSF Motorcycle course to get a license...that RUINED ME!!! :) I now own a 2008 Honda Shadow Aero 750cc!!! I LOVE IT.

    I just read the post on BoyGoFast...what an a-hole he's turned into, huh? I bought my kit from him originally, and everything was great...too bad he had to continue on his downward spiral.

    Anyway, wanted to let everyone know about our new web site, http://www.RideBellChain.com

    In short, the Ride Bell legend says that there are "road gremlins" lurking in the cracks, crevices, and pot holes in roads, waiting to jump on to your bike or scoot and cause havoc with your motor and bad luck to you. A RideBell or Guardian(r) Bell on your bike acts somewhat like a magnet, and draws all the gremlins into the bell, and when it rings they fall off.

    The luck of the bell only really works if it is given to you as a gift - it you buy one for yourself, it's only "half power". :)

    When I found out about it, I posted that I didn't have one, and someone (a complete stranger!) bought me one and sent it to me. When I received mine, I wanted to send her money for it, but instead she said "Buy one for the next person who needs one."

    Hmmm...OK, being that I am a software architect, a plan started forming in my mind, and the end result is our new site, http://www.RideBellChain.com.

    Go there, click on the button to request a free bell. When you receive your bell, it's time for you to continue the chain (on the honor system). You can then pick out one of 20 different bells, and have it sent directly to the next person on the list, or you can specify someone specific to receive it (like if you want to send one specifically to YOUR friend, for example).

    The site has been running for a few days now, and the system WORKS. So far, just about everyone I have met that rides (doesn't matter what) seem to be really nice people and they haven't broken the chain.

    We are selling the bells for the same price as other web sites ($12) that sell Guardian(r) Bells - made in USA BTW - and then we take care of the shipping, tracking, etc. The cost is less than it would cost you to do this yourself!

    What a nice thing you can do for a fellow rider!
    Please let me know what you all think, and sorry for the really long post. :)

    I hope everyone is doing well!

    Mark Turkel

    (Here's my new motorcycle!)

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    Interesting notion - I like pay-it-forward schemes. I ever get this trike finished and rideable I'll request one.
  3. Nice ride Mark.... Watch out for the cagers.........
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    N/A for outside US or Canada.
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    Hi - sorry - at this time we're not shipping to other countries than US/Canada. If we start in the future, I will certainly notify you.

  6. Marktur

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    Thank you, sir!

    Hope all is well with you!

    I have a practically brand new scooter for sale when you're ready for it...WAY more comfortable than a motorized bike, and will keep up with traffic - much safer in the city, IMHO.

    Ride Safe!
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    ride that thing

    I am getting used to my butt being sore !!!

    and enjoying the pounding on my arms, legs and back -- thank you

    keeps an getting older Mountainman awake !!!!

    ride that thing
  8. Good to hear from you too. Hope all is well... As far as the scooter I'm sure you will find a buyer, they are hot right now, but for me I would walk before being seen on one.. lol..
    Take care...
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    Is this what they are teaching in the BRC nowadays? :)

    So lemme get this straight - you request an item, someone "gives" it to you, and now you must buy one for somebody else. Common sense says, why don't you just buy one for yourself if you want one? But nooooooooo, if you do that, "the legend" says that the "item" you buy will not have "full power". Got all your bases covered, doontcha?

    I suggest folks Google "Pay it forward marketing". It's like some "chain letter meets pyramid scheme" sort of get rich scheme.

    I have a device on my motorcycle that wards of idiots, it's called a "horn". It works on full power even though someone else didn't buy it for me. :D
  10. Marktur

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    OK, I didn't make it up.
    It's about an urban legend for good luck.
    Sorry you can't appreciate it. Hope your horn works well for ya! ;)
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    i requested my bell for my home built chopper bicycle with an ht motor, it need some help with the grimlins. ive been looking for a way to get a bell and this thread poped up.thanks, cant wait to get my bell.
  12. Marktur

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    Awesome! I'm going to send you the bell ahead of the rest, and this will start a new chain! Which one did you choose?

    PS. I hope you can let these guys know that the bell really works, too! They work fine on anything with a motor and two wheels!

  13. hill climber

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    thanks mark, i requeted the bones bell, it sould look good on my ride. thanks again
  14. hill climber

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    by the way, that horn aint gonna do notta for the gremlins. got my guardian bell today, its nice, looks great. now just got to weld a mount under the bottom bracket. thanks mark. i will be donating a bell soon, outa work right now.
    watch out gremlins, im gonna ring your bell.
    hill climber
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  16. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Just for the record.......
    looks like a Matrix Scheme

  17. Marktur

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    Not sure what that means, or if it's something bad. If the chain dries up, it dries up. Most people are not dirtbags looking for free stuff. For the ones that are, they get a bell....out of my pocket. Great, they got me.

    I don't take a penny of your money until AFTER you have received your free bell. I don't even want to know your billing info. Try it out - trust me, you'll receive a bell. And if you do get it, and consider yourself an honorable person, I believe you'll buy one for the next guy.