Engine Trouble riding then just shut down

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by cory h, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. cory h

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    I was riding my 80cc motorized bike when all of the sudden it just bogged out .haven't been able to start it every since ???
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  2. grinningremlin

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    Maybe consider going to the "introductions area" introducing yourself, and read read read, it's a tiny forum but a great MAB encyclopedia.Guesses off the top of my head, fouled plug/bad gas/clogged fuel line/kill wire grounding somewhere/massive air leak.Good luck.
  3. Donavan321

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    Sometimes the kill switch wires are BAD, try running it with the kill switch disconnected, clean the carb, check the plug. Also, when it comes to wiring make sure everything is TIGHT! Make sure you use fresh fuel too, if none of that helps, look into adjusting the e clip in the carb slide needle(there should be several posts on that here on the forum) hope this helps! As mentioned above, read, read, read!
  4. keatonx

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    Everything the above guy said, but the first thing I'd do is dump a small splash of gas into the carb and see it it fires up momentarily.
  5. Huotalicus

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    heys guys mine has doen this too and im gobsmacked i have tried everything, although mine had slipping starts before it died out, so i thought it was the clutch pads or the adjustment of the clutch, but now that i have replaced everything even the coil and the cdi and the spark plug ....engine turns and engages and disengages too ...so it fine....could i be missing something ??? it was working then just died now ive had tunnel vision for 3 months every nowand then i go back to it and look around, but still no go....can anyone suggest something ???