Robin - Subaru EHO35 / Diamond Back Project

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    This is a project my wife got me started on. Well almost. She showed me a photo of a Vespa type motor scooter and said why don't we get one instead of another car. So I said that would be good and thought of a Whizzer. Then after joining here and studying up I decided to bid on a bike at eBay and buy a kit for it. The photo is of the bike I ordered and received.

    A Staton inside drive kit is coming my way now. I decided to get a kit so I could make use of their proven solutions for problems I may not even know about yet. I should get the kit tomorrow and start a frame modification to install it.

    I have ordered some 4130 Cro Moly 1/2 inch .049 wall thickness tubing. I will build a rack of this to hold the motor and make a lighter and stronger mount this way. I will post pics as I go.

    Do any of you experienced builders see a problem with this type of install? I have built complete frames in the past so feel confident that my skills are up to the challenge. I will filit braze the rack on using low temp brazing rod. I just like to be forewarned about challenges and plan solutions as I go.

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    Hi Lenny,

    I did a search and found this post.

    I'm not sure how it compares exactly to your bike,
    but have seen other posts on the subject of bike size etc.

    My friend has a Diamond Back, and I've thought a motor would go well in the
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  3. srdavo

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    looks like you are off to a good start.

    I'm eager to see this project come to life.
  4. lennyharp

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    Here are photos of my work last week on the bike. As you can see I have attached the beginning of a rack to the seat stays at a fairly high place. The main tubes are carbon fiber wrapped so I kept the brazing points a little lower. I am almost done with the work and hope to get it on the road today. Then I will take some more pics and repost. This is fun but not a simple build as I have never done it before with a motor and second chain involved in the mix.

    I have added 3 photos from today that show the frame as it stands but without the motor and gearbox. I may not get the photos of the complete bike till next week. I will ride for a month or so before I take it all apart and paint. It is a work in progress.

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  5. SirJakesus

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    Whats the rack going to be used for? Is it going to rise above the staton inside drive and engine or is it a replacement for some of statons rack? I can say from experience statons rack is heavy duty and shouldn't need to be replaced unless you're going for something special.
  6. lennyharp

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    I got it going except for a kill switch. Seems to be defective or I am. The rack is to hold the motor and gear box in place stronger and lighter than the Staton one. More photos coming. I got to ride it a little and get a switch and a kickstand now.
  7. frameteam2003

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    I'm also building on a staton inside drive---not as far along as you.The inside drive does require a bit more work as the standard mount is not really made for it.I too built a rack to hold the gearbox and motor.I felt the overall balance would be better with the kit centered,that's the reason I went with the inside drive.Looking forward to your new photos---sam
  8. lennyharp

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    I hope to get the photos up tomorrow of the bike as it sits now. I rode for 45 minutes today about half on canal banks and grinned a lot. At max I am going about 25 and feel great. I can pedal that fast for short bursts, and add a lot of power on climbs. In about 100 miles I have learned some and really am glad I got this bike and motor combo. The rack is solid and the motor drive-train is solid. The brakes work well and the gears shift well so I can assist the starts. All this adds up to a dependable piece of transportation.
  9. lennyharp

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    More pics

    Here it is with a motor and over 100 miles on it. I love riding it

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  10. frameteam2003

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    good looking fit,was able to get mine tem- running.The cradle I built needed some beefing up.Did that today and now I don't get chain bike will take more work account it's a very vintage(1938) model.Will try and do some pics in a few days.Mine is a retro-mini/motor style(english)--I do like the balance and tork of the Staton/35Robin.Your bike sure looks like fun and the spring frame should take care of the ruf roads.
  11. Irish John

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    Nice build Lenny. what is it's cruising speed?
  12. lennyharp

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    I have not installed a speedometer yet but it consistently reads 23 to 25 mph on the radar signs we have around town. I am pretty happy with it and will finish it up and paint it soon. No weakness have shown up yet so thanks for the compliment. I asked for gearing that would give me 25 mph as a 250 lb. rider.
  13. pabickwermert

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    Hey Lenny,

    That stretch bike is looking sharp.

    I can't wait to see how you make the back suspension. (with the shock...)

    I will be watching for new pics!


    oops, this was supposed to be on the stretch build. I will add it over there.
  14. lennyharp

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    yea this is my current ride. It is soon to be retired as the main frame is carbon fiber and I do not trust it for long term durability. I do know that some materials can just break apart with no real warning. The stretch frame will be an all steel frame. I did have to add a support to the front of the rack so it would not bounce on severe bumps. I have well over 1000 miles so figure I have spent about $1.00 per mile including gas expenses. I probably will not get 2000 miles with this unit as I will mount it on a ladies frame for my wife.
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  15. wavygravy

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    the subaru is impecable as well as the goldeneagle belt drive , i was a die hard happytimer for a long time & i have the pile of blown engines to prove it, ill never go back! rock on lenny! besides it puts a few of us americans to work. dang the chinese & n.a.f.t.a.