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    I got a new saddle in the mail yesterday that I have been eagerly awaiting to install on one of my two MB's. I have always heard that Brooks leather saddles have been the way to go since the beginning of time but never owned one & they are very pricey. Brooks also only makes one saddle that gets this wide & its $190. I saw on eBay a seller with a Brooks clone made in Taiwan by Gyes & decided to give it a try for $69.00 (search: Beach Cruiser Leather)
    It is very well constructed (thick leather, heavy duty hardware & springs). I got it installed, adjusted & took it for a test spin.
    Wow, this thing is about 10" wide & more comfortable than any saddle I have ever ridden & its not broken in yet as leather saddles will form to your rump over time.
    I like the retro look as well, but take a look at the pics & see what you think?

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    cool bike. Cool saddle. Be interested to know how long it takes to break in. That is a pretty cool fork on the front of your bike.
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    I've heard some folks use a product called Brooks Proofide to help the saddle break in & condition the leather. The underside of the saddle has a water resistant coating to minimize water splash from the tires. Leather doesn't like getting wet.
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    I got a "vintage look" cruiser seat-- vinyl and padded-- and it was falling apart in the first 50 miles. It is good enough that I can continue to use it for now, but when I replace it, it will be with an all-leather spring seat.

    I actually have one SOMEWHERE in all my junk in the house, but since it isn't where I thought it was, I don't know where it actually is. The leather is trashed and the metal is rusted, but I'd still like to try to find it and have a go at replacing the leather
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    ... I've been looking at the Brooks Saddle website, and dang do they have some saddles!

    I think I'm going to have to save up for the "real deal" instead of compromising for a cheaper one:

    Brooks B135
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    the sheldon brown saddle

    That real man saddle requires an additional 50cc blood sample for a saddle made of rock. LOL!