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  1. juliman

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    hey again like i said in one of my other posts i am thinking a will get a rock solid bicycle engine for my first mb build heres the link

    does any one know if these engines ( kit) is any good for power and reliable, i am 13 lol and weigh like 54 kg so because i read all these posts of u guys and use r all like 30yrs old lol, so i would be a lot lighter than most of you guys, and i was wondering if i get this kit if i should get a 36t sprocket with it.
    if any one thinks this is a bad unreliable/expensive kit etc please post some links to other kits/ websites, since i dont want to buy outside australia, thanks guys,:-/
    btw im very mechanically minded and i like tinkering(just when i feel like it)if i wanna ride and not tinker i ride lol

    juliman waz here 09
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  2. give me vtec

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    I have heard they are great engines... wouldn't waste my money though.

    These chinese 2 stroke kits suck from the ground up... just buy a GEBE kit and be done with it. The robin/subaru eho35 is VASTLY superior to any 2 stroke on the market, especially these chinese designed 2strokes. I bought mine about 6 months ago and haven't looked back. No chains to adjust, no oil to mix, almost no vibration, easy pull start, no clutch, no crappy plastic chain tensioner, quieter, less pollution, better gas mileage, easier to install, engine wont break on you, dot have to mess with the carb... I could go on and on.

    here is a link... just scroll down and do some research for yourself.
  3. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    A little non chineese creativity, and some fun modification and theese HT's are a blast.

    I love the look much better.

    Without caos this is no change.
    Without change things get pretty boring.

    But thats only my opinion.

    I like the Grubee 2 strokes
  4. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    why would you buy an inferior product and then spend hour after hour trying to jerry-rig problem after problem... when you could just buy something that was designed well at both ends to begin with. The GEBE kit itself is very well designed and with better materials. The subaru engine is in a league all its own... you cant even compare the two. The walboro carb is better, the crank/piston/rod setup is better, the ignition system is better, its fan cooled, and has an internal oiling system. The GEBE kit does away with all the chains and is driven by one simple kevlar-belt driven plastic ring that snaps on... Zip tie the spokes and you couldn't get that thing off if you wanted to. The belt is silky smooth and wont stretch or break. It doesn't have a manual clutch setup... its centrifugal so you dont have to worry about engagement or slipping clutch issues, and best part at low speeds you can pedal w/out having to hold the clutch lever open. The kit is single speed, under 35cc, c.a.r.b approved... IE totally legal just about anywhere. Its lighter than the staton setup and doesnt wear out tires like a roller drive setup.

    The installation takes maybe an hour with simple hand tools where the chinese HT engines takes hours if not days to finish (especially if you install the sick bikes kit). I have built about 5 bikes now... 3 chinese 2 stroke cruisers and 2 GEBE townies. I will say from experience that the GEBE kit is BY FAR a better kit. The only disadvantage I can see is price... but you really do get what you pay for. After 2 or 3 thousands miles you will get your money back in not having to replace ht engine after ht engine because they suck *** and die on you.
  5. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I just took apart my HT after 1500 miles of abuse and it looks good.
    You are correct the setup is better with your subaru.
    But i enjoy working on the HT, I have the resources and knowledge to do so.
    A very expensive education in engineering and a machine shop at my disposal.

    I don't even have a jackshaft and if i did this thing would be unbelivably fast.

    Even without the jackshaft i would love to race you !!!

    I like the look the sound the feel and the satisfaction i get when i fix the thing.

    If you are looking to putt around town and don't ever want to break down your setup is better out of the box.

    But if you want to truly experience and learn and dedicate time to improve the HT.
    You get much more bang for your buck.

    If i wanted total reliability and no investment in time i would just buy a motorcycle or scooter.

    The HT is what it is and i love it allmost more than my wife.
  6. HoughMade

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    Two different animals. One has nearly turn key installation and maintenance is nearly nill. The other takes more work to set up and keep running, but can be made fairly reliable, fairly powerful and doesn't make the bike look like it has hemorroids.

    If function is everything, go GEBE. If you want a project and are going for a certain look, there is no reason not to look elsewhere.

    Frankly, I don't need a motorized bike at all for its function. I have a driver's license, vehicles and make enough money that gas prices are annoying, but nothing more. This is a hobby and I wanted to build a bike with a certain style...and "engine as an afterthought" was not the look I was going for. But if function is your thing- more power to you, we're all part of the same MB family.
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  7. Buy whatever you want. Building it you will learn, riding it you will have fun. Tinkering is a learning process.
  8. HoughMade

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    I've heard good things about Rock Solid. That high compression round head certainly looks interesting....I'm wondering what an Acme twin would look like with 2 of those Rock Solid heads.

    Go for it!
  9. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    LOL, Im down for a race... you better bring your A game cause this is what you would be up against.

    Here is my GEBE setup
  10. 210061741

    210061741 Guest


    I would smoke your gebe and that is what i was reffering to.
    No i don't know much about the Nuvinci Hubs but when i get my DIY Jackshaft done i'll be up for any race.

    I cruise at 40 MPH all day long with my 36T single speed.

    Very nice bikes you have built i must say.

    How fast are the gebe setups??

    I was pondering someday setting up a honda in the frame with a cvt and a jackshaft kit.

    For now i'm having a blast with my HT.
  11. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    the eho35 cruises at 23, I can get it up to 27.

    The red barron does 45+

    I would like to thank you though for the inspiration... I just took the red barron out for a little run. I forgot how fun it was to ride.... and it started right up.
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  12. Turtle Tedd

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    Vtec...I do love the frame mounted old school look two strokes ,and enjoy tinkering with mine...if your all done with the Red Barron..crate it up and send it to me
  13. augidog

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    here we go again...

    "form" or "function" or both, whatever floats yer boat. cheaply- or well-built, you get what you pay for...and anyone who'll take some initiative and read this place will soon learn that for themselves...i am SO TIRED of "what's the best & where do i get it?" and all the stoopid arguments it always starts. just go read all the topics in the "garage" see who has problems with what, decide if you're capable & willing to face the same challenges, and compare for yourself. the more money you (wisely) spend, the more time you (happily) spend riding instead of fixing or healing.

    your choice, your money, your go educate yourself instead of asking a stranger.

    by common definition, a "motorized bicycle" is a bicycle with an engine added to it for whatever reason...hobby, entertaining pasttime, or serious transportation...every engine/motor kit on a stock bicycle is "an afterthought" which is what this motorsport is all you take this cute engine and slap it on a cute huffy, flip the handlebars & call it a "boardtracker"...i may not be impressed but it's your choice & your work...and i have to at least respect that.

    i do have experienced opinions about the quality of a broad range of MB'ing components, but should i bother myself personally insulting peeps by slamming the style-of-build they chose? no i shouldn't, and neither should respected & established members whom i've come to expect better of.

    and i don't care what can smoke what, bigger engines are supposed to be faster than smaller engines (i always chuckle when a self-proclaimed gearhead misses that not so subtle point)...quality usually being the final deciding factor, so watch long as the bike i need can go 30mph with a few extra for safety, then i'll use the smallest (and best) engine that will fit the bill. but know this, because i'yam a gearhead...i'd gleefully put my 40cc & the payload it carries up against any comparable setup. builders/riders, take some time to learn real questions & someone will gladly help...but go do your own danged homework, the info is here, and imo everyone else should just avoid this particular repeatedly-repeated topic like the plague, or just reply with "read read read " ;)

    btw-i see the OP's only someone who cares about our overall image (and future) i have an opinion about that, too...i do hope there's a responsible adult involved somewhere in all this.

    i noticed noone else even addressed that.
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  14. Turtle Tedd

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    motorized bicycles..there all good..I am going to have one or two of each design..frame mount....rack mount...50cc 70cc one will be a scratch built tadpole...only kind of bike I don't want is ..oh no look electric one
  15. Clotho

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    As he said, Do your research.

    There are many that have great success with the Chinese motors. Amongst my own family and friends there are 4 Chinese motors by 3 different manufacturers and they all perform reliably and are a great source of fun. Even after thousands of km.

    I have noticed that those who have the best results tend to be more mechanically inclined. If you do not have much mechanical experience then I would recommend a rack mount setup.
  16. bluegoatwoods

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    Well said, Augidog. Threads like this one don't serve much of a purpose, do they?

    They seem to follow the same pattern; a few people recommend the set-up that they like (never mind that what works for one might or might not work for everyone), then someone, consciously or not, trashes the happy time. Then the happy time fans fight back and so on.

    "Read, read, read!" is the best answer and I'm going to try to keep it in mind.
  17. AussieJester

    AussieJester Member are importers of 49cc china motors might save you some dollars...You also do realise that these 49cc motors (that output 750watts) are illegal to ride on public roads in all states in Australia ...have you checked with your parents too see if they are cool with you breaking the law? They might be a bit ****ed off getting a phone call from the Police letting them know their son has been arrested, a 13 year old on a illegal vehicle will attract the attention of the Police guaranteed lil man.

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  18. give me vtec

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    are you guys done ranting yet??? Did you read the first post??? Did you read my first response???

    He asked if the rock solid engines were worth it... last I checked they were pretty pricey. For a couple extra hundred dollars he could have a superior engine and a better designed kit.

    The chinese engines are fun if you like to tinker... if you are looking for reliable transportation the gebe eho35 is the best. Sorry guys, not opinion, just fact.
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  19. augidog

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    yes, i did...and i read every other reply also...i always read everything (including statistics) before responding. my response was to the entire contents of the thread as i found it. read all the words of all my comments to see that's true.

    imo, whether i agree or not, your choice of words about the HT opened the door for an engine-war...imo, the consequent choice of words used by others in response could only take the same predictable direction as always...what may start out as innocent sharing of technical info turns into an insult-fest, and sometimes it's surprising when established members fall into the same trap...the HT faction takes offense and begins to dish it out in return...and so it goes, every time someone asks "should i get it" or its' newbie-equivalent.

    it gets OLD, so imo we should just steer basic quality inquiries towards the appropriate forum.

    see, the early founding-fathers tried to anticipate the noob's tendancy to post instead of reading, and we setup a vendor and review area to answer it and (try to) avoid fights & clutter.

    this is pretty funny & hits the nail on the head:
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  20. HoughMade

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    The ironic thing is that if there was no HT...there may not be enough issues with MBs to support an active discussion board.


    ..c'mon, a sense of humor people!
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