Sick Bike Parts Dual Pull Lever

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  1. Pablo

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    Synchronized Double Barrel Right Brake Lever $11.99

    Dual pull lever. Unique lever pulls two brake cables simultaneously. Allows a left clutch and a right brake. I've been riding with mine nearly a year now with zero issues.

    Forged aluminum lever and cast aluminum bracket.
    Three-finger design brake lever actuation for most all brakes, long pull V-Brake and most mechanical disc brakes.

    Extremely easy to set the balance and fine tune. Stays balanced once set.

    Sick Bike Parts Dual Pull Brake

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  2. Got mine works really well, I just have to set the bias between front and rear to where I want it. I thought I originally had cheap brake pads, but the problem was, the levers that came on the Wallyworld bike, are plastic or composite, and when you pull them, the brakes apply, but when pulled harder, the levers actualy flex quite a bit, instead of the brakes working harder. The metal lever on the dual pull assy. does not flex and the brakes work much better and there is much more "feel".......
  3. AussieSteve

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    I fitted one of the Sick Bike Parts dual-pull brake levers a week or two ago, to free up my left hand. Previously, I had both the clutch and rear brake on the LHS, with the brake below the clutch.
    A nuisance to use - I had to reach under the clutch lever when the clutch was out, or over it when the clutch was pinned in.

    Now I've thrown away the original brake levers and have the dual-pull one on the RHS, where it belongs. Well worth the $$$.

    I had reservations about brake balance, but it works well, even while doing a gradual turn on loose gravel.
    Under hard braking, the rear wheel locks slightly, but not too much.
    The lever has a pivot built into it that balances the pressure applied to the front and rear brake, so that they both get equal braking pressure.

    Two separate brakes are slightly better for maximum braking, but the convenience of these levers makes them indispensable on these bikes.
    Pretty strong-looking lever, too.
    Highly recommended.
  4. naib93

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    Great product, good stopping power and the adjustment is really easy
  5. Dave C

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    Sent in my order for the dual pull sbp brake lever, plus a few more parts. Getting the dampener material and the black silicone tubing :)
  6. atomichurley

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    I have a sbp duel pull and it works great never had any dramas
  7. samuari86

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    i used the dual puller for my front and back brakes

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  8. Pablo

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    Is that copper tubing??? Interesting.
  9. samuari86

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  10. Pablo

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    Retro. Cool.
  11. gia

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    Thumb Throttle & Dual brake pull

    That looks identical to the ATV thumb throttle I bought for my bike. We're still trying to get it hooked up--the brake was the easy part, although I've just got the rear brake into it, sticking with a separate front brake handle for now. I just needed a thumb throttle instead of a twist throttle--I'm disabled, and twisting was not working, plus the throttle that came with the kit was POS--it fell apart internally all the time, requiring 5-10 min of disassembling and reassembling at inconvenient times. The problem has been that the throttle cable is too long when switching to the new throttle by about 2".

    I've had trouble trying to get barrel cable ends--nobody on the Gulf Coast seems to know what I'm talking about or don't have any in stock, despite the fact that they are used on a long list of applications. Mail order was going to cost me about $25-30 for a fifty cent part between shipping and buying a whole bag of them. Gave it up finally (after 2 weeks of hunting and calling) and with a little help from a friend (gotta love friends with tools & expertise you don't have!) we're going to drill a cable stop and tap the ends, allowing me to run the cable through it, then use the screws on either end to tighten against the cable and hold it. If this works, it allows for adjustments on the throttle cable.

    If that doesn't work, Plan B has us melting some aluminum and pouring it into a mold over the spread out cable end, trimmed to length and hope it is the right length. This might be the "right" way to do it, but it would also occupy most of a day, between melting the aluminum and then waiting for it to cool, assuming the clay mold is dry enough that we don't have a problem there. (Gulf Coast is not great for drying anything!)

    Anybody else have any ideas before I devote myself to turning a soda can into a new barrel cable end?
  12. Big Red

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    Dual Pull

    Hey Pablo, Is there a difference, besides quality of course, between the Chinese dual pull lever and the one you sell? AussieSteve mentions something about a built in pivot for pressure balance (?). In a hard braking situation the front wheel takes around 70% (75%?) of your stopping power as the weight of the bike (and you) pitch forward. If you have the dual pull adjusted equally between front and back then when you hit graval, oil, wet road or such then the front wheel is gonna lock and slide out of control. The ones I've been using I adjust the rear wheel brake to take the most pressure to avoid this problem, being there is no way to do a quick adjust on the fly if a slick situation arises. I learned this the hard way when my front tire started sliding in some sand when cut off by a car.
    Of course on a clean, dry road the dual pull works great. If you have solved the dirty, wet road problem I'm gonna start ordering your lever.
    Big Red.
  13. Pablo

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    Yes it pivots internally. There is nothing mystical about the lever and you certainly can individually dial in the front and rear bias to your environment. But you can't adjust it on the fly. If there was such a thing, I imagine it would cost a tad more than $12.

  14. Silver will need a MAPP torch or an oxy acetaline setup.
    Normal solder is OK for accel. cables, but not strong enough for the brakes..........
    Good luck!!!:idea:
  15. professor

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    Actually, I used some pipe solder for a brake end, tested it in a vise with a brake lever on a handlebar and with the strongest grip I could give-(much stronger than any force I have ever applied to a brake lever) the end held on.

    I drilled the approiate size hole in a block of aluminum, set the CLEAN cable in it and melted the solder flush to the top. Ground off the part where it was pointed from the drilled "Mould" and it worked fine.
    Got the whole idea from someone here.
  16. Al.Fisherman

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    I've been running a dual brake cable since 2009....never will I have the single again.
  17. markham26

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    Thinking of buying one, but it cost a lot to get sent to me :(
  18. This thead is supposed to be advertising 'Sick Bike Parts, Duel Pull Brake lever', but, since others have posted links to other type levers and what not, now I wont feel bad about telling markham26 that we can buy them locally from a few vendors here in Australia............One of them being Rock Solid Engines (Queensland) $28

    Sorry SBP:helmet:
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  19. Pablo

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    SBP = $12+$12 postage to Aus, Priority Air Mail. $24.

    Rock Solid $28 + Postage. ($2 or $4 or ?)