Sick of the crappy bus service in Austin

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    As per the administrators rules this is my first introduction post. I got rid of my second car, so now we only have one family car. I only work about 4 miles from my home. I have been riding the bus for about a year now. I have come to the conclusion that the bus service here in Austin SUCKS! The people that set the schedules have got to be the worst planners ever. Well, that brings me to the reason for joining this forum. I believe that my solution for inexpensive and reliable transportation in the city is a motorized bike. I have joined this forum to make sure I choose the best solution for my needs.

  2. Mountainman

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    plus -- I feel free

    should be what you need and enjoy -- so as to get off the bus
    here in San Diego I have noticed
    I am about the same speed as our bus's over all
    they are faster -- but make many stops
    I usually catch up to them
    plus -- I feel free
    I would rather be on my MB -- I like it

    ride that THING
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    Any chance you saw the dude on the right, hitting all the bars in Austin last night??

    He called yesterday, (some subdivision where all the streets are from The Hobbit)...said Austin was three times wider/longer than Birmingham.

    If I were you, I'd go into the idea with building more as a sideline business, my friend says Austin would be a perfect place to set up shop.

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    You won't see me riding any bus! When you get a motorized bike you will LOVE IT!!!!

    Freedom to ride without dealing with the hassles of the bus and the people on it.

    Also, it's FASTER to ride a motorized bike than to take the bus by a large margin, especially in my town. Sometimes even a pedal bike is faster than the bus.
  5. wheelbender6

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    In Phoenix, a mobike is as fast as the light rail. The bus is even slower.