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    I'm in eastern Iowa so anyone local that could help would be great. ( i seen/ heard a 2 cycle bike roaring up rhomberg ave with a headlight) probably going to buy a skyhawk kit. Have a Schwinn woodlands that should work. where is the choke on these kits? every 2cycle i own has a choke so whats up? also my woodlands has 2 sets of bolts in the frame, 2 on the seat tube and 2 on the front tube. they are for water bottle holders but wondering if they could be of use in mounting the engine. also what else should i get for assembly/durability sake. new bolts i can get local. do i need new head bolts and if i do who sells them? who sells the clutch cable pulley? thanks.

  2. nagant

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    anyone? i just want some straight info on installing a Chinese kit. searches on this are like a blind mortar squad.
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    Your mounting one word NO.


    Don't understand your search problem, even a blind squirrel can find a nut.
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    O.K. Al! EXNAY on the WOODNAY! I will look for a cruiser then. thisi s a good forum but there are so many applications and opinions its hard to get a handle on whats what. I will just jump in and see how deep it is later. just read your reply to Zack. that will keep me out of your hair for awhile, thank you.
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    Stickies are your friend....then search.
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    HAHAHA BLIND MORTAR SQUAD...... dont feel bad Al always post that same thing when anyone ask the same question.... If you were in my neck of the woods i'd help u put it together on a weekend.....didnt you get an install book with the motor.....I think there is still one @
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