Spooky Tooth 4G Bicycle Engine Kit

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by OldHippie, Apr 10, 2011.

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    I was wondering that your opinion was if you had one. If you have another opininion about four cycle engines, please let me know. My truck gets 14 mpg and that is about 28 cents a mile to run. So I would like to put a bike togeter.

    Unfortunatly, Spooky Tooth is in Tucson AZ and I am in central CA so to see a custom built one from ST, I'd have to take a drive out there.


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    Spookey Tooth OUT OF BUSINESS

    As for Spookey Tooth the title says it all. Currently the Grubee 4G Kits seem to be out of stock at all vendors? bicycle-engines.com is said to be getting in their new shipment sometime in Late April. If you need to get a bike going before then?, You might want to consider the EZ Motorbikes Q-Matic Kit. You could contact Mike Simpson up in Sacramento at Simpson Motor Bikes. He is one of the founding partners of EZ Motorbikes and he could set you up with a possible test ride. Users of this Kit repot MPG's of 175-185?

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    4 Stroke Nomad Motorized Bicycle


    I was wondering if you know of anyone who has purchased the 4 Stroke Nomad Motorized Bicycle from spooky tooth. They are not out of business. Just changing owners. They are suppose to come back to life after the new owner is situated.