For Sale Staton Left side 16.07 to 1 gearbox for Honda GXH50

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by An Aussie in Germany, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I have a left mount, inside drive Staton gearbox with a clutch adaptor kit and all the neccesary parts for a Honda GXH50 for sale in good condition. The gearbox is also fitted with an 18 tooth 410H sprocket for driving a primary chain. I used it on a motorised bike in Australia for just over 100 kilometres. The left mount/inside drive format allows you to mount a Honda GXH50 with the exhaust facing the rear of the bike and where a primary chain can be used with a freewheel kit without the need for a jackshaft. Here are some details from Staton (note: the gearbox on the Staton page is an outside drive):

    I have decided to sell the gearbox because I now live in Germany and motorised biking is not allowed here and these rules are heavily enforced. The gearbox has two extra holes drilled for a mounting bracket I used, where one hole does not go into the gearbox and the other has a bolt in it (cannot be removed without removing one of the gears) but this bolt hole can be easily sealed by fastening a nut around the bolt. The gearbox weeps a little grease but I have heard this is not unusual for a Staton gearbox. I can ship to the US or within Europe.

    Here's some photos:





    Fitted to a bike without a primary chain:


    In 2012, I paid $420USD for all of the above parts and will sell for $250 including postage. If you are interested, leave a reply and I'll create a listing. Cheers.