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  1. ok it is 5 degrees literally outside today and im working on my motorbike inside a 70ish degree shop I installed a new to me carb im trading a guy went outside got bike started didn't have the power it used to went about 50 feet and died like it was out of gas got it home took off bowl screw drained gas made sure its got great gas flow tightened up intake /exhaust bolts cant get it started again even with starter fluid exhaust is flowing good intake and carb are sealed have fire tried without kill switch hooked up maybe weak cdi? any suggestions comment are appreciated

  2. Really? Im on the forum that everyone knows everything and no one knows nothing today.
    that's just my luck lol
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    did you just remove the screw and let the gas in the bowl drain out? did you make sure that the petcock was open so you would know that gas is actually getting into the bowl?
    i am guessing that maybe the gas you drained out was left over from when it was on an engine before, and maybe your float is stuck in the up position.
    But if you took the drain screw out and made sure that the gas coming out of the carb was the same gas that was going in the carb, then your float is not stuck.

    5 degrees is pretty cold but you should still be able to get it running with the choke on.
    If it ran good before you put this"new" carb on, then i'm guessing that you have a problem with the float or the needle & seat.
  4. yes i did all that plus the carb was off a bike that was supposedly running fine i haven't ridden mine in a while but i was working on it indoors and it wouldn't fire indoors either im gonna have to switch carbs again and see what happens with my old carb
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    If it doesn't work with the old carb and new fuel(Shell has a hi test fuel with no alcohol) then I'd suspect the plug/plug wire. It actually doesn't take much for that piece of :poop: plugwire to break. It's made from 6 pieces in a toy factory to replace a part made from 3.. go figure :p

    If THAT don't work your stuck with going through the trouble guides to pin point the problem. Of course, you can keep shooting us clues, mebby we can figure it out ;)
  6. i only use shell 91 and have solid copper core wire and ngk plug every bolt it tight totally good compression fuel deff getting to carb might be wrong gap bad cdi but has good blue spark when pulled
  7. Dave C

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    it's 3 AM and I rambleing

    It almost sounds like it's getting frozen up, like there's water in the carb or something or getting frozen in the filters.

    I'm reaching for:poop: I've run out of ideas..

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    If you are getting fuel in the carb bowl..... could your jet be plugged?
  9. motorpsycho

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    A plugged jet is is possible, but he said that it would not even run on starting fluid. Starting fluid would eliminate the jet all together.
    have you checked ALL of your wiring?
    if a wire has rubbed through insulation, it could be touching the frame or something that would cause it to be grounded.
    do you still have the push together connectors on your wires? if so,get rid of them and solder all the wires together.
    If you have something hooked to the white wire, disconnect it and try to start it.

    try a new plug wire and a new spark plug because a bad plug wire will give the same symptoms as a bad cdi.
    Take the spark plug out and dry it off (or put in a brand new one) and try starting the engine a bunch of times, and then pull the spark plug out.
    if the plug is wet, then you have an ignition / wiring issue. If the plug is dry, then you have a fuel issue.
    I would pull the float bowl off the carb, leave the float attached to the carb., and leave the fuel line hooked up. use a screwdriver (or your finger) and hold the float in the up position. Then open the fuel petcock, and slowly let the float come down. if fuel starts flowing, that will let you know that your needle & seat are not sticking and that fuel is in fact getting into the float bowl. If there is fuel in the bowl, the engine should run even if there is no flow into the bowl. as long as there is fuel in the bowl, and the jet is not plugged, fuel will get sucked into the cylinder. it should run providing that you have good strong spark, air and compression to go along with the fuel.
    I'm guessing that you will find that it's something simple causing the problem.
  10. ok hear is where im at closed in the gap lots of spark motor wants to start now but dies right away but she sure wants to what do you guy think is the problem or what i should test next
  11. Skyliner70cc

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    Its probably the fuel if your spark and carburetion are good. 5 deg F and high octane fuels doesn't mix. The higher the octane the harder it is for the fuel to vaporize, particularly at colder temps. Couple that with the fact that most folks use excessive oil in their mixture and you have a recipe for hard starting.

    Recommendation: use lowest octane fuel possible. I use 85 octane w/ zero problems. Use 40:1 oil in your mixture.

    a. Remove wiring for kill switch to rule it out.
    b. Those factory wire connectors to magneto are awful...I hardwire (solder and heat shring my connections after having them come loose causing intermittent ignition problems).
    c. Remove spark plug and pedal bike like crazy to blow out any oil/gas mixture stuck in engine. If fuel isn't vaporizing properly, it'll pool up in the crank and quench the spark plug on start attemps.
    d. Use a heat gun and heat up your engine head and carburetor. This will help a bunch and what I did when my bikes had issue starting in temps below freezing.
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  12. but its inside in 70 degrees until just before i try to start it
  13. srdavo

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    you are still pulling in cold air (outside temp) to the fuel mix.
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    yes, even tho the engine is warm from being in a 70 degree building, the carb is sucking in 5 degree outside air.
    engines do run a lot better on cold air, but, getting an engine started in cold air is something different.
    why not try starting it in the 70 degree building???