Super Tech 2 Stroke Oil?


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Jul 30, 2008
Anyone use it? I see it on the shelf at wally world and it's got an attractive price. I heard that it's made by pennzoil. Anyone else heard this?
Yeh, I've heard that, something about a contract Wmart has with Pennzoil for oil formulas. I know some guys who swear by it for their 2stroke equipment. Who knows?

FWIW, my brother has an ultralight, he and the guys he flies with all use Pennzoil 2Stroke Oil for Air Cooled Engines.
Use in HT engines, yes. Supertech in 4 stroke engines in vehicles that most people finance for 5-6 years..NO per personal preference and VOAs on
Go to:

Have the UPC of the product and you can find out who manufactured the oil. (or just search for "SUper Tech" for all Super Tech products)

Please note that "Specialty Oil" and "SOPUS" are Pennzoil/Quaker State subsidiaries.

Warren Distributing markets motor oils under the well known "Accel" performance brand.

I have been using SuperTech motor oil for a few years. Works fine for me. My minivan is nearing 200K and has been fed conventional oil (whatever was on sale) for its entire life. Just so happens that the past few years, the Wally World oil has been unbeatable in price. The API label is all I need to see. My old minivan doesn't burn oil, and is quiet as a mouse. Still pulls 24mpg on the highway.

For a HT engine being fed a 20:1 mix, you can run just about any oil. I believe my old Lawn Boy specified 32:1 when using Lawn Boy TC oil, or 16:1 when using 10W-30 motor oil.
supertech oil

I have used this 2 stroke oil for about 8 years in a Tecumseh friction drive system with no problems.
At less than $10.00 a gallon at Walmart, it is a lot cheaper that the synthetic oil but could not say if it is as good. After running & wearing out an engine after many years using this oil, a teardown inspection revealed no major damage other that wear from use. This oil according to the label can be used for all engines that specify using an oil that meets TC-W3 requirements. Anyone considering using it should check with the engine maker to determine if this specification meets their requirements for use.
I've used the oil in both my bike engine and lawn equipment with no problems...Seems to be good stuff and the price is definitely right!