Stolen surveillance video of thief stealing my bike

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by thescooterguy, Mar 31, 2009.

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    i always park my bike inside while at work . but first i let it cool down outside the door to make sure i don't drip anything inside . last Friday i set it out there and one minute it was there and then it was gone . i rolled back the camera and got this . through the evening i asked a few people that came in if they had seen or heard anything . one guy said yup . Adolpho got it , he works down at the meat plant . and he sold it to the guy at the mobile taco shack that drives through for $60.00 . to make a long story short i got my bike back three days later . but it cost me $60.00 . and the pleasure of driving Adolfo the the unemployment office . never had this problem when i used footpegs instead of the pedal option . lol..

  2. srdavo

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    Hahahahaha.... a happy ending!!
    I didn't know you bought it back from the "taco-guy". ???
    You are a nice guy!!
  3. thescooterguy

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    didnt want any hassles

    i was so happy to track it down . i just didnt want any more hassles , the bike came back as good as new , it was good to see
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    Good to hear of a happy ending this time, unlike most. Good job!:grin5:
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  5. lordoflightaz

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    I think tomorrow I move one of the back yard cams to the front driveway.
  6. thescooterguy

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    frapper map . whats that i must click it . its my idea low jack for bikes . darn it . always late. hm guess its not what i thought it was . it said track your bike . i have an idea for low jack for bikes . just need a money man . would need huge investment to rent satellite.
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  7. lordoflightaz

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    Sorry it is not what you want. I think it is a cool thing though there are like 500+ bikes listed.

    What you need is something like a child tracker for you bikes. A cell phone with GPS hidden in the bike is a thought.

    Verizon has Chaperone, for $9.99 added to a family share plan

    I guess it would be up to you to figure out how to mount the phone and keep it charged. Maybe inside a headlight would be a good idea, since wires go into a headlight.

    You saw how casually I posted that $10 a month, that would be on top of the service, which on the family plan is also $19.99 a month for a second line. Fortunately the phone is not going to eat any airtime minutes. Don't forget you will have to buy that phone, but you might be able to get a free phone with a 2 year agreement, If you access the program from your phone you will eat up data transfer charges.

    Here is a thought though, Verizon doesn't really post it but there is a special family plan for seniors 2 phones under $70 a month

    Happy motoring
  8. thescooterguy

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    no cell phone . just the GPS that's in it . and a battery to change out maybe every 4 months or so . they make all the components . it could be put together very easily . small chip , slide down the seat post . or in the handle bars . then if your bike is stolen . you go to your computer and pow .. you see your bike at least the location . i gotta call on star or something like that see if they want a piece of he action
  9. ENO

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    MATE..shame that car wasnt travelling about 10mph slower or you would have got your bike back the same day..damaged..but maybe with Adolfo still attached..Glad you got it back..maybe Adolfo is a "cow" who should have stayed at the meat market but got turned into a couple of steaks by being at the wrong place at the "right" time..You ride again..ENO (Down Under)
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    lets not over think this problem

    :yinyang:I have a cheep cable lock that I keep attached to my messenger bag. When I go into the store for a bite I simply wrap it around the wheels (It takes about 30 seconds). Now I know that it will not keep anyone who really wants it from taking it but it keeps the lazy ones from swiping it. Bike theft is usually a moment of opportunity thing. I have a more aggressive lock that I use at Portland State and I was thinking of getting a Kryptonite lock and leave it there at school. Not because they work so well but because they insure your bike up to a certain limit. You buy a lock once and that's it, No monthly fees so you can track the offender. Just no bike stolen, end of story.

    Mike -I thought once you got over the hill it would get easier- Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes
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  11. thescooterguy

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    ya i saw that looked pretty close . could have bent a rim or something . lol
  12. graucho

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    A. Adolfo really needed money bad. Just forget about it.
    B. Adolfo is a slime bag and needed money bad. Shake your finger at him and yell at him.
    C. Adolfo wants to go out on a date with a baseball bat.

    Hummm, which one do I choose? I pick B. No wait, A. No, no, wait, C. Ya, ill go with C. Glad you got your bike back.
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    Glad you got your bike back. Just wondering why Adolpho is now unemployed. Anything to do with the theft?
  14. Tom

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    Wow! You could see him look at it for a minute trying to figure the dang thing out before he rode it away.
  15. thescooterguy

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    ya it looks like keystone cops . the bike is geared low so he was pedaling pretty fast . you can see where he finally shifted down . he lost his job because . he stole it on his lunch hour , took it back to work and then sold it on work property to the guy who runs a mobile taco stand . the only way i could track hm down was through his work . he got what he deserved . when the cops took the report i told them the value of the bike was $1200 , so it was a good felony , and of course he was already in trouble with the law , i sent this clip to kptv channel 12 new yesterday . i cant believe it , they called me in 20minutes , they coming over today to do a short story . ... what should i wear... lol
  16. What a fantastic outcome!

    Security cameras FTW!
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    DUDE, you got the bike back, drilled the perp AND are wringin' a TV news spot of exposure for thescooterguy bikes and service out of it ?!?


  18. DetonatorTuning

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    jerry's right too, if he had pegs on that bike the guy probably would have just dropped it on the sidewalk and booked !!
  19. thescooterguy

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    i read a book that talked about looking forward to struggle and adversity because it brings improvements in life . when this happened last week i remember thinking what good could possibly come from this .
  20. Pablo

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    I feel violated just watching that video. I am certainly glad it didn't go to the violent stage! I would have been steaming.....Keeping a level head would have been difficult, but possible. Good you got the bike back - that's the one thing for sure!!!