Sydney OZ, 48cc Zbox Forsale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by kjparker, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I'm thinking of selling my bike, as It's now done, at least to the level where I can now just get on and ride!

    I have had no problems with it that I didn't cause myself or that regular maintenance wont solve! (things coming loose etc)

    There are plenty of pics of it in the build thread, at this time just gauging interest, would be hoping to get $450 for it as it is right now.

    I have a new project in mind, this time it's going to be an electric! Stealth....

    This bike whilst not a pretty bike, does run great, and it is only just run in! All high tensile bolts have been used in the mountings, and everything is rock solid.

    If interested, I can be contacted on 0402223565



  2. will_start

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    are you doing that because the law has changed.

    I'm thinking of buying a legal electric.

    paranoia is a terrible thing...
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    hey kj; do not apply for a car salesmans job. i was getting ready to send a check. throw a little lipstick on it and ask for twice as much. good luck friend. ride on mitch
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    what law change . do you something we dont???????
  5. kjparker

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    I dont quite follow.

    Are you saying I'm asking too much?
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    he's saying you work in IT and not sales ;-)
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    Heh, This is the post I put up when I'm not trying hard to sell it! Lol

    If I was actively trying to sell it, it would be a very different post!
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    check the rattle's website (RTA)
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    Got to hate time wasters. Had someone say they wanted to buy the bike. They arranged to pick it up MOnday, they couldnt make it. Said they would come Tuesday. Never showed up. Finanly got hold of them today, they decided not to go ahead.

    This was all the while they were avoiding my phone calls (ie I would call about 3 times a day, once in the morning, once at lunch, and finaly in the afternoon on the tuesday I got hold of him).

    Anyway, it's back up for sale. I'm negotiable on it, I just want to move on to my next project! I can even leave the lighting system on it! The 400 is what it cost me to build, including the cost of the kit and the bike, not including the lights!