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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Donavan321, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Okay so let me start off saying I run my motors a tad bit rich(20:1 mix in 2 gallons of gas) I have a 2 gallon can strictly used for my motor bike. Today, I stopped over at Tractor Supply Company and bought a 6.4oz bottle of Synthetic blend 2-stroke with fuel stabilizer in it. Now first off I pulled the spark plugged and just poured an itty bitty trickle of that oil in my cylinder to be burned off and help with lubrication. This stuff is the stuff that has less smoke. So I'd say i probably have about 6.2 or 6.3 left. so my normal mixing with regular (Chain Pro brand) 2-stroke oil I mix ehhh about 7 ounces for 2 gallons.

    So what i'm getting at is I was thinking of going 24:1 with the synthetic stuff and just all around use a 24:1 ratio. I don't HAVE to buy 2 gallons of gas...so what can I mix up here to maintain a good stable running motor(stable as is now on 20:1 mix with Chain Pro brand oil) Some people say that since it's "synthetic" you don't need as much in the gas. I personally don't trust that. Let me know what I can do with a gallon or 2 to get to 20:1 or 24:1 maybe 32:1 Thanks guys! Don't want to mess anything up if I change ratios.

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    Is there a recommended ratio on the synthetic oil bottle?
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    The bottle gives 2 ratios: 40:1 and 50:1 seems way too lean, even for synthetic. Not a good thing for these 2 strokes. I want to maintian either a 20:1 or 24:1 ratio. Any ideas?
  4. Pablo

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    32:1 is more than oil rich with any decent oil. Many oils can be run at 50:1 with no problem at all.

    More important than fretting about 24:1 or 32:1 is to select the correct jet to get your fuel ratio correct. Too much oil will actually decrease you fuel:air ratio (fuel lean). Mix it 32:1 and dial your carb in.
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    Not sure if this is what you are after, but. 256 oz in two gallon, divided by 24 :)1) = 10.7 oz oil. 256 divided by 20 = 12.8 oz oil. If you just want to mix up say a qt, 32 divided by 24 = 1.33 oz oil.
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    Okay, how would I dial in well...I'm getting a speed carb in the mail which is no different than the NT carb in terms of adjustment. The only adjustment I'll have is the idle screw, I won't have a air/fuel mixture control screw. As for ratios 16:1 is way to rich(8 oz of oil to one gallon of gas) I run between 6-7 ounces to 2 gallons, I found this really neat 2 stroke oil calculator you type in(example...50:1 for let's say 1 U.S Gallon...it will then display the required number in ounces so like 10.3 oz) so anyway I run about a 20:1 mix. But that's with REGULAR 2-stroke oil the brand is Chain Pro. My new brand of Synthetic is Husqavana with mixed in fuel stabilizer. I hear some people say that with synthetic oil, you can run the mixture more lean just becuase it's synthetic, I don't know if I like that idea especially on these fussy Chinese motors. One wrong move and you'll do the motor in, one of my motors blew from running at 32:1 so I upped the mixture to 20:1, a fellow MB Rider(on eof the senior members)on this forum recommended I back off from 20:1 and run it 24:1 to get a nice balance.
  7. Pablo

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    The engines die. They are cheap. Has nothing to do with running 32:1.

    Fuel ratio is adjusted by reading the spark plug and changing the main jet.
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    I sold a rich running engine last October that I had for nearly 4 years. running 20:1 still running when i sold it.
  9. Fabian

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    These engines will almost run forever at 20:1
    My last engine went for 10,000 kilometers at 20:1 before i decided to rebuild the bottom end, and my engine took some seriously high duty cycle work in that time.
  10. Donavan321

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    Awesome! Yeah that's how I look at it... if you take care of them and treat them very very well, they will last! I'm starting up on some of my new synthetic oil though! Send me some pictures of your builds guys/gals/folks! I'd like to check them out, I'm particularly interested in cruisers, but open to other frame styles as well.
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    Don, after about 200 mile break in, I started using only synthetic!! Use a good synthetic, and about 25% of your ratio use also castor oil. I've now only have 800 miles on 66cc/reed/etc. SYNTHETIC IS THE STUFF!!!!

    PS: I run 25:1 (Read up on castor.....INTERESTING)


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  12. Phil21

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    Trust me 4oz of oil 2 cycle and 93 gasoline
  13. Fabian

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    It doesn't matter what kind of 2-stroke oil you use, so long as it's mixed at 25:1 oil/fuel ratio; your engine will have a long and happy life (if it's not excessively over revved).