Terry Blow Is Back Not A Troll Or Spam Mer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Terry Blow, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Hi all I was banned for posting Video's in the wrong place. I was try to help out a guy or a bunch of people to see what the 4G T Belt Drive had to offer for performance. Well I made the video's in few hour's on a chilly but beautiful day and now the video's are watched all over the world. The videos are not that great and I intend to redo the whole thing with a brand new Felt MP and 4G kit. Any way I am no troll or spam mer I just a dealer with something to offer but you will have to be the judge.

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  2. Mountainman

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    ok Terry I guess that's a good THING ------------ welcome

    usually someone selling someTHING has some pictures and information
    did not see any in your profile page ??

    we have fun as we ride that THING
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    Terry - I believe you need to "pay to play" here. Pay the site admins some money and then you can "inform" us about your products. We've got the EZ motorbike manufacturer and all of his dealers posting here with company logos as their avatars and in their signatures, so yes, it is possible!
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    Hi Terry,

    Be careful, very careful!

    Follow the rules, they won't hesitate to sanction, give you points, or even ban you if you make too many mistakes.

    If you make a mistake, they will punish you quickly. I know because I have managed to collect points on several occasions.

    Just Pay them! Be a sponsor.

    Once you are a sponsor, read the rules, NEVER post any information about your products anywhere but in the Vendor section and you should be safe. Even then be very careful about your choice of words.

    Have fun,
  6. Terry Blow

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    Thank you guys ya that was my like my first post it was I was only showing the performance levels of the 4G not trying to sell. My mistake as told to me had I posted in the wrong place. Here is the post you can read for your self
    http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?t=24593 And the thread is still in the same place today. Any who thank you all for the reception
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    reading & following vendor rules works just fine

    hiya terry...in a nutshell, as a seller just be respectful of this consumer's environment...those who can't be respectful should be careful, tho..."free" exposure isn't "free"...please give the staff benefit of doubt that after 3 years of seeing everything from genuine mistakes to blatant abuse they've learned to move quickly and decisively, and one can always back-pedal when/IF it turns out to be genuine mistake, such as getting a couple references in about your business venture before you acclimate...i bet you'll be just fine now :)
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