The Hot Rod Whizzer

Well she's all but done...

Next week we're off to the VMBC meet in Indiana!
Hope to meet and greet some of ya'll there...
She kinda looks like a Big Bertha, but that name is a bit offputting....

The first annual "Name Rif's Ride" contest:

ONE entry per contestant !! ONE edit if ya hafta :???:

I'll start with a lame lob:

The Squaw (k) Box !

exp: Stout, carrying a lot of baskets and wigwammy gadgets.

powered by Love Potion Number Nine !
Good show. If I remember correct, Quention at Outer Banks did the mods on your NE-5 Whizzer.

Mine is performing excellent and your's will probably do the same. Pretty hard to beat the nice solid 4 cycle sound. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine. BEST bicycle engine I have.

Wish I could also get to Portland but don't think I'll be able to. Hope you have a good time, it's a great gathering.
Yeah, it was a tight fit. I would not recomend the DX series frames for anyone considering a Whizzer project; well, with a shoe horn and a bit of pig grease, there it is! :p
Thanks guys...
iRide Customs said:
That's quite a ride! One of these days I will do the ugrade to a Whizzer.

Frist nice ride and safe journy to you UP.....

Dan I think we should get together and build one of the new wizzers with the rocker rods on the outside of the motor...that motor is way cool!!!
That bike has more springs than a watch factory (working double time). Arn't you worried that a bump might cause a harmonic oscillation, you might arrive before the bike. Seriously though nice bike, enjoy it. regards PatFeet........Hic..
I love it, its totally practical.

I think an improvement would be if the gas tank was moved forward and the seat downward. and the frame black.

I really like it though.