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    I live in southeast Michigan, near Detroit. I'm 23 years old. I put a PowerKingShop (from E-bay, British Columbia) 80cc Happy Time kit on a bike I had sitting around in the basement collecting dust for the last ten years or so. Its an 18 speed Cignal Ranger SX trail series with Sierra Magic fork. (thats a rather cheap chinese 26" mountain bike) I removed the front brakes because I had one come apart on me on a pedal bike when I was a kid. It was a nice expensive shimano one that I trusted too. The cable came apart from the arms, one of the arms swung down into my front spokes, I spent fourth grade with my left arm in a cast. I know you will all think I'm crazy for not using a front brake, but I dont think they're safe. I took all the reflectors off, so I can get away from the cops easier, should I ever have to. when I first started riding it, the nuts and bolts wanted to fall off. After much locktight red, I'm now just starting to be able to take it out without worrying about it falling apart. I had the tensioner come loose, its now locked in its full upright position. I had the chain stretch and come off the back sprocket, wedging between it and the spokes, stopping the bike instantly, ripping one of my spokes off the rim and introducing my gastank to my nuts. Ive come home from many a test run and noticed missing screws and hexnuts. I had to get rid of my front derailer to make the motor mounts reach. No-one ever tells you about that... my 18 speed is now a 6 speed. I had to cut a bigger hole in the rear sprocket so it would fit my very standard rear axle. if it were not for that the install could've been done quickly... that was disappointing. I took just about everything apart and removed the metal shavings and shrapnel from inside before I put it on the bike. I highly recommend this. especially the fuel valve, I found the nastiest collection of sharp metal sabotage in that thing. Its been a bit of a project, but its running good. I'm glad I got it. I'm using regular unleaded with valvoline 2-stroke oil mixed 18:1. I weigh almost 300 pounds and it does fine. Goes at least 35 mph. I plan on getting a smaller sproket and installing rocket boosters soon. yes really. I'll keep you posted.

    Thanks to all who have helped me. I'm no mechanic.

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    Hi, Sas

    Yes, it's always that way when you put a new MB on the road. Things will loosen up, move around, fall off. In the case of my StingRay it's taken months to work out all the problems, get it to settle down and behave.

    You may not be a mechanic yet.......But you will be son......Yes you will.
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    G'day man & welcome.
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    Hello sasquatch and welcome.

    I know your neighborhood fairly well. Have friends in Flat Rock, Rockwood, Monroe, etc.
    Kinda takes me back a bit.

    You'll have fun. see you around.
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    Cool name!