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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Donald M. Haney, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I have a Staton friction drive with the Robin Subaru 35cc and a 1" roller. I think it would be really cool to slap that on a tandem.

    I'm 210, and wife is... well, uh... less. I imagine I'd pedal some up the hills, which is ok, and I'd need a longer throttle cable, but I think this is something worth trying.

    Anything I need to think about before I buy a bike?

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I read somewhere - in the islands - renting tandems with friction drive

    should be a nice -- little extra helper

    my wife is what we would call -- semi pro bicycle rider
    it's not much fun to go riding with her -- unless I have my engine on
    been thinking along these same lines
    a tandem for the two of us
    with her - and the engine - I think that I could handle it well !!!

    have fun -- keep us informed

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  3. RogerS

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    Tandems new are pretty pricey. I started looking on Craigs List and I see them on there every once in a while.
  4. Pricey yes. But there is a tandem available from, you guessed it, our good friends at Wal Mart. Kent is the brand, 279 the price, low end of course, but it just might do. On the next rung of the price line is Schwinn at 649. Probably a pretty decent machine, but I'm thinking about the Kent. Trouble is, if the Kent is Krap, I spent money on something that needs constant upgrades and repairs. In the same vein, a 649 dollar bike ain't all that either, and I'm surely going to find weak spots on it as well.

    I'll keep searching for used.
  5. JemmaUK

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    If you examine the bike in person you will have a better idea of it..

    To be honest if its a friction drive with two up you might want to look at a slightly more beefy engine - unless you are looking for something that is merely an assist motor.

    With a F/D the only stress is going to be on the rear wheel/tyre/etc and as long as you dont try and overdo it - high speed running or stunting you should be ok with the resiliance of pretty much any bike with that setup..

    I'd be interested to see pictures of the end result and performance details..

    Jemma xx
  6. s_beaudry

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    You know...

    I had the tandem ida in mind so I could take one of the kids along for a long ride!

    Please keep us updated if you do this, I am very interested to see how it is powerwise.
  7. RogerS

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    Most important in a tandem, at minimum it should have 12 gage spokes on the wheels .093 diameter, 11 gage .120 even better.
  8. proline20

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    My Bumble Bee bolt-on friend has a tandem with a front mounted friction drive 25cc homelite. 23MPH flat, 15 uphill, 30 downhill...fuel burn: 125 mpg
    It drives much differently than my MB roadbike. Great fun when the kids want to go. I'm looking for a tandem too when the deal is right.
  9. Mountainman

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    pro20 -- for a 25cc on a tandem -- that's some pretty good top speed !!!

    Donald -- I haven't seen a tandem at Walmart
    did you see one at your local Walmart ?

    this tandem riding sounds like a good idea
    wife has a short bed truck -- just need to measure lenth of tandem

    just dreaming a little this morning
    I like all bikes with motors !!!

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  10. If you go to Walmart's website and do a search for "Tandem Bike" a couple of them show up. The Kent is grey, has I think 21 speeds, and V-brakes front and back. 279.00, free shipping site to store. I have a pick up truck (that sits in the driveway and never gets driven, but gets a payment serviced each month), so I can just get it at the store.

    Still haven't pulled the triggger on this, because with winter on the way, there's no rush, and I'd like ample opportunity to catch one on the cheap on Craigslist.

    Tandems; twice the disaster!
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Donald --- that Walmart "Tandem Bike" looks pretty good for the money
    I went to the site --

    I need to take my time here -- but - I am interested

    looking at the picture
    wonder if -- the rear brake would be in the way for a friction set up ?
    with my Station friction on my mountain bike -- I have disk brakes
    so the mounting was not a problem

    interesting --- very interesting

    thanks for sharing ----- from - Mountainman
  12. Yeah, the brake could be in the way. Maybe just relocate it or replace it with something that can be mounted below. My friction drive is currently mounted on my Trek, and the bracket just barely cleared the brake.

    I needed parts from Staton, so as I placed an order yesterday, I included a 90inch throttle cable. $12.50 invested in the Tandem project so far! Getting closer!

  13. huckersteve

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    Raleigh makes a new mountain tandem called the companion that retails for $649 and is a pretty decent bike for the price. Wallyworld bikes are horrible. Get a real bike from a shop and get support and service. Bring them your POS Huffy, Next, Vertical, Royce Union, Randor, Kent, Mongoose, or Schwinn (bought at Walmart or Target) for necessary TLC and be prepared to get charged full boat on anything they do for you..

    Just an opinion of course.
  14. wavygravy

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    m haney! i have been in tandem evolution for quite some time , i have a schwinn typhoon tandem , the frame is way strong enough to handle 2 fat old people plus engine kit- gebe subaru robin 35. total of 600 lbs. up to 29 mph no problem it rocks! i must stress do your research on very heavy duty wheels. ill suggest a rear drum brake wheel as well as the front, sturmey archer ect!! & as always pedal assist on your take offs!
  15. yeah, I'm dealing with the wobbley weakness of a POS Huffy with my HT set up. It's a blast, but I know that bike is not long for the world. That Happy engine is gonna buzz right thru the frame I'm sure of it. I got the last bugs worked out of it today, and I'm having a ball with it...for now, but mostly slow and easy.

    Anybody have an opinion on the current Schwinn tandem offerings?

    Might be good advice to save up for a better frame rather than messing with Wally machines.
  16. wavygravy

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    my tandem

    i said in my earlyier post that mine was a typhoon-not , its a tango tandem.ill get a better pic for ya soon! i cant complain about the frame, stock wheels are billet alum. hubs, sealed berrings , alum rims, 14 gauge spokes, nice but not enough for 2 up motored bikeing, spokes break easy with high speed use. the gebe. subara robin pushes her along just fine!!

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  17. Wavy, is that you lookin' over your left shoulder sportin' the goa-tee? Pretty sporty! Love that tandem! My rig is a friction. I imagine it'll work, but I'll be sure to do the pedals to get started and eeeeeeeease on the gas. I think that's the bike I want. Now I just have to decide which color. I favor the black, but my wife will like the red. So guess what color mine'll be?:rolleyes:
  18. vegaspaddy

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    at least it doesnt come in baby blue,lilac, or even worse pink.........
  19. wavygravy

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    hey m haney! no thats not me in the pic im the one takeing pic. thats mitch-stude15, thats a shot of the early group friday nite before the rally! mr. haney didnt i see you on green acres? your gonna love the limo as i call em! long wheel base tracks very straight!
  20. Green Acres! I've heard that one my whole life. Why couldn't my name be associated with a cool show, like "Mannix", or "Mr. Ed" for that matter? Nope, I'm made immortal by the hayseed huckster known to all the world as "Mr. Haney". At least my name isn't "Arnold", as in 'Arnold the Pig'!!!!!!!!!!