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Hi I am having trouble with my throttle cable the case is the right length,but the wire part is 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch to short.It is holding the throttle halh open the kit came from kings in canada I want to buy one but I dont know the propper size i was wondering if any one could tell me how much wire should be sticking out the end if you pull it all the way tight towards the carb end when it is disconected at both ends thanks mike
I'm having a similar problem, and think I may have posted in the wrong place so I'll add mine to this thread.
I hope someone is on here. Need help ASAP.

I dropped my bike, broke the hand brake off the clutch brake thing I have.

Got a new on today from ebay, trying to install it and ran into a problem.

Please see the attached image, not sure what this is called.
That spring arm thing that puts the motor in gear?
I could swear that was swung OUT and pulling the cable would put the bike in neutral, and that arm would be flat or in line with the motor, as in the picture.
Put the bike in gear, and it springs out.

Well... now mine is set so if I connect it, to put this bike in gear would have to pull that bar all the way up against, oh what ever that part is where the cable actually runs through? Looking at that picture, it would be bumping up against that post where the cable goes. And neutral would be in the position in the picture.

WHAT did I do? And how do I fix this?


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