Turbo-ing a motorbike


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Jun 19, 2008
Crazy thought, has anyone thought of or attempted to fabricate a turbo system on a minibike or any type of small engine? I've seen small displacement motorcycles running a small carbuerated turbo, I just wonder if there's a small enough kit to run on a 50-80cc engine. It would be a lot of trial and error, not to mention a money pit, but man would it be wild!

It's late and I'm on medication, that's the only excuse I have for this thread:-/
i work in the auto parts indrustry and the smallest turbo i have seen is the sixe of a comon 32-38cc motor, however i think there may be a turbo in the model air plane industry that might work. heck if ythey can pot a car turbo on a motoecycle why not. speed is fun its when you lose it that things get hairy:D:D
That would be awesome. They are simple engines, and I imagine someone could make a small one work. One guy on You Tube turboed a B&S engine with a volvo turbo, and it sounds funny on a 1-cylinder engine.

I wonder if Ram Air works good with a 1-cylinder engine? I was thinking of making a Ram Air scoop from a funnel, and have it push air faster into the air filter with a tube from the funnel right into the air filter box.
The problem with those is they may be a little small for the application - a 32cc is about equal to a 140/160 model engine... there is also the fact that while the chengines probably manage 8k RPM the aero/nitro engines can manage anything up to 19K RPM..

It would certainly be interesting to try to see what difference it makes to a chengine's performance and whether it has an effect on durability...

There is a point that worries me in all this tuning however. If the cops were to stop someone with such a machine and happened to test it, I doubt they would be too pleased with the performance figures given the fact its supposed to be a bike with an engine - not something that could give a factory built 125cc a run for its money...

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Can't see it happening on a 2 stroke. Maybe on a four.

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i mounted a giant rocket on my mb and it does like 140+mph

price of rocket fuel is climbing so im back using a robins 4 stroke when not breaking world records or accepting awards at various events.