Unboxed my new 99 Whizzer today!

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    I unboxed my new 99 Whizzer I purchased from a fellow Motorbikes.com person, who lives in Florida. I had purchased the motor he had for sale on here and then a month later I purchased the rest of the bike. He was able to tear it down to fit in two good sized boxes and the freight ran me $135, not bad I guess. Here is a picture of it after unpacking it and putting it all the parts on the table. As mentioned in an earlier post, I can't figure out how to put the rear axle back in the hub, not sure how to position the brake shoes but I already was directed to a Bendix diagram on this site, so I'm sure I'll figure it out. I have a 2005 alongside the table I purchased from a guy in Gilroy, CA. that he put almost 6,000 miles on and it runs great.
    Happy Holidays everyone and many thanks for answers to my question and directions on where to purchase parts, you people are great.
    Robert Faust,
    Redwood City, CA

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    Nice woody, that Volkswagon ain't too bad either.
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    nice garage full of 'big-boy toys' :):):)
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    come on dude, you have a 50's woody sitting back there, and a porsche.....you can't figure out how to put the axle back in a hub? who changes the oil and does the maintanance on that woody?
    I'm just kiddin around with ya....nice stuff.
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    motorpsycho, you are correct sir, a simple Bendix Brake has ruined me! Had to go out and get assistance after trying every (I thought) possible way of putting it together. The woodie is a 51, still running the flathead 8BA, with the stock 3 speed OD, but put a mustang front clip and disc up front and an 8 inch Ford rearend. The Porsche is a 1977 with a 930 package and a 1986 3.2 in it (I bought it like that).