USED: 48v Sickbikes Electric shift kit

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Hybricycle, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Hybricycle

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    I need to sell a few things, it was easier to sell the bike fast with out the electric shift kit & battery.
    I'm selling a used (70 miles) kit, needs a new tensioner arm & wheel,
    all parts that didn't come black have been painted black, crank arms, brackets, sprockets, etc.
    $300.00 plus shipping from 90278
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  2. TonyR

    TonyR New Member

    Hey Hybricycle , do you have any pictures of the parts your selling, might be interested.

  3. Hybricycle

    Hybricycle New Member

    I can take some pic's it you like, but you can see the kit on SickBikes website under electric shift kit.
    You get all the parts there kit list with the exception of the chain tensioner, I have no idea what they want for a replacement, you might e-mail them to find out.
    Thank You for you interest,


  4. TonyR

    TonyR New Member

    Hi Frank, ive seen the kit on sick bikes, but i would like to see the parts your selling just for peace of mine, dont like to buy things sight unseen,

  5. Hybricycle

    Hybricycle New Member

    I have a picture, can you advise me how to post it?
  6. battery

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    go to post reply> underneath after that click advanced.> Manage attachments...
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  7. Hybricycle

    Hybricycle New Member

    I figured it out ;)
  8. Hybricycle

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