Utah is boring in the Winter if you don't ski

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    Hi, just making a first post as instructed :)

    I'm from Utah where it gets cold in the Winter. If you don't ski then things get boring.

    I have been researching what it would take to build an electric or motored bike. After buying a used electric bike (and frying it) I think the motored would be more my style. I know nothing about electric motors (hence the fried motor) but I can get around an internal combustion engine just fine.

    I have 2 teenage boys and to be perfectly honest, I am too lazy to keep up with them on bike rides in the Summer. I need a bike with some help for the hills or if Dad just gets tired and needs a cruise control.

  2. a/c man

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    I know the feeling. I went for a ride with my teen age sons and their friends and they ditched me. Too many hills and too hot for my sorry old cigarette smoking self. Now that I'm motorized there's no way for them to keep up to my
    pace. I ditch them..
    Get yourself a motor and you'll regain your childhood self all over again.
    I know you'll love it.
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    i know what you mean i lived in clearfield for too years. And i dont miss waking up in the morning to choking on dieasel suit . And woke up buy piston powered prop powered C130 flying 50 ft over tree lines. I don't know where at you live but i was a hop skip and jump from hills air force base I used to hang glide from the glider port when i was a teen but im to old for that **** now.